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Happy Monday!Despite a busy busy day, and kind of feeling “humanly” stressed and anxious…. I feel good and happy and warm.
Last night, the Lord’s victory over my eating disorder and how it has been used for His glory was told at a worship night. Crazy! SO MUCH prayer, from my spirit and many others’, went into this night. Kathryn and I prayed together multiple times, we gave it to the Lord, we prayed over our words, for discernment, for the souls in that place, ultimately that His name would be lifted high and that it would give others nothing but cause to praise Him.
People’s reactions and my conversations after were encouraging as such, and, despite some stressing and lots of emotion, that Kathryn and I also prayed about, I felt overwhelming peace, confirmation in obedience, and love.
If sharing a testimony of the Lord’s goodness is something you feel is on your heart, I encourage you always to pray about it and seek His wisdom and confirmation in the source of the conviction. He will make it good, He will provide answers, and He will guide you in making this story His, and the need to tell a story comes from HIM, not from any self-MOTIVATION. I also believe the telling of these stories, the vulnerability Kathryn and I submitted ourselves to will help us ultimately in healing– of course also good for Him and His Kingdom.
Something I struggled with and that Satan plagued me with immediately after filming this when I saw the footage was you should have done your make-up, done your hair, wore something better. I filmed the video after a long day of work and had had no time for any smidge of readying– and of course, this in the context of God’s work through me in telling this story means nothing!
The Lord is victorious. Here is the story.
PART 1– Cassie
PART 2– Kathryn
PART 3– Cassie & Kathryn