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One Major vs. Two: Is a Double Major the Way To Go?

One Major vs. Two: Is a Double Major the Way To Go?

Today’s post is all about double majoring. Why did I decide to complete my undergrad as a double Major? What are the pros and cons of this? Who I recommend it to? My application story: I cannot recall ever being stressed about post-secondary, having doubts, […]

Money, Money, Money: How I Went From Being a Self-Serving “Hyper-Saver” to Finding Balance with my Finances

Money. It’s one of those things I was always taught not to talk about. I learned in childhood not to disclose how much of it I had, not to talk about my savings– and to save as much as possible. Proverbs 13:11 Dishonest money dwindles […]

Fall Favourites 2018

Fall Favourites 2018

It is mid-November.

I am mid-way through the first semester of my last year of my undergrad. 
Can anyone in the same place– or who’s been there– vouch for the insanity? 
Yeah. Breaks in order to carry out passions are necessary, I have found. 

That is why I keep up the blog. Many of these posts, have proven to be helpful for some, and many of them just fun reads, and many of them sparking conversations that have changed my life… or, I’m told, someone else’s… 

So, I keep blogging. I pray God continues to use it. 

Today, Wednesday, has the blessing of being a break in my week, consisting of zero lectures, and time to study, reset, hit the gym, hang out with friends, etc. This morning I was blessed by a meeting with my pastors, where these amazing friends of mine blessed me with their time and wisdom. I am so incredibly grateful to go to a church in which the leadership sees community and mentorship as a vital part of church.

After which, I got to head home and clean with my beautiful roommate, bride-to-be, and friend, Mary. This girl is one of my greatest blessings, and we have most definitely become like sisters. Investing in relationships and people in her life so beautifully, Mary has taught me so much about self-awareness and awareness of others. Maddie and Mary are both such incredible blessings to me that I cannot imagine my life without. 

And now, I’m enjoying a break in studying to blog, and felt inspired to do one of my old favourites post:
Essentially sharing the top ten miscellaneous “things” I’m loving this season, that I think you might appreciate, too.


PVRIS. Thanks to a co-worker and friend, I have discovered my love for girl alternative music, particularly this band.


I used to think I hated pumpkin… but I have this new fancy for it. Versatile for both sweet and savoury recipes, so healthy, and so flavourful, I especially love it in this recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction. It’s also super affordable! 


The restaurant I work at just launched its new menu! And it is incredible. If you are in the Kitchener/Waterloo area, be sure to check out one of our two locations!

Serving something for literally every kind of eater, catering to all allergies and dietary preferences, plain ol picky eaters, and meat and potato lovers. Real people, real food– and that’s what makes me passionate about this place.


I am so grateful for the podcasts broadcasted by my pastor, Mike Rutledge. For leaders of any kind, these podcasts are sure to glean something true for you! While those are not public as of now, his sermons are– and they are phenomenal. Check them out here .


I am loving my Christian Studies Seminar class so much. Learning such tangible things about program development, research, and integrating different practices, I feel I am finally honing in on some of my passions and callings. 
To brief the project that is coming out of this class, head here.


Sitting still with Jesus and singing this song to Him is powerful.


I would say that my number one “hobby” is tap dancing. It is one of my favourite things to do, most definitely my favourite form of exercise, and a practice that gives me so much joy. My school showcase is coming up on December 2nd!


This eyebrow pencil gave me so much more eyebrow confidence! (When I choose to use it, haha).


Currently catching up on all the posts by my girl Mackenzie. 

Fierce, strong, and beautiful, she is a must-read blogger.

New Friendship.

Blooming so quickly, I have a new friend at church named Kayla, who is one of the fastest friendships I’ve ever formed. She is someone I feel I’ve known forever, and who I’ve been able to open up with instantly. Do you know those friendships? So special and such blessings. People will trump places, work, and experiences for me, always. 

A Morning with my Best Friend

A Morning with my Best Friend

Morning. Not stupid early, but not late morning, it’s 8:30am and your eyelids open after a solid, undisturbed 8 hour sleep. You smile to yourself, feeling that euphoric, passionate, life-is-good-because-God-is-good emotion that translates to excitement to spend time with Jesus. You know He’s going to […]

What Makes Thanksgiving My Favourite

What Makes Thanksgiving My Favourite

“Over Christmas? Really?” That’s usually the reaction I get when I tell someone that Thanksgiving is my favourite holiday. But in my house, it’s the same every year. My mom makes the most amazing turkey dinner on the planet, for one thing. And the smell […]



I remember like it was yesterday asking my Bible prof the question, “does the phrase so that have a single word in Greek? I see it everywhere in the Bible. It must be a common translation from one Greek word.”
My prof smiled. “Yes, it absolutely does. It’s hi-na.”
This was last semester, and I remember knowing that the word was important.
Colossians 1:9-10 We continually ask God to fill you with the knowledge of his will through all the wisdom and understanding that the Spirit gives, so that you may live a life worthy of the Lord and please him in every way.
The word meant so much to me because, when I see “so that” in Scripture, it always denotes a reason, a greater purpose. “Trials and tribulations are so that your faith might be made greater. Suffering and mourning are so that Christ might fill you with His strength.”
On my right wrist, I have a tattoo of the eating disorder recovery symbol. I’ve always felt it’s complete.
Since hearing the Greek word for “so that,” I keep thinking about getting hina, (in Greek it looks more like ‘ina) tattooed on my other wrist.
The eating disorder I endured was so that He might be glorified. The devil has no real authority through the disorder, thus God allowed it to happen so that He might be glorified, and that I might lean on Him more.
Flash forward to now, yesterday, in Biblical Greek class with the same prof who taught me hina. About a month into Greek, and I’m pretty proud of how much I’ve already learned.
When I stumble upon this in my textbook:

Eis can denote either result or purpose; ‘Ina far more commonly denotes purpose. Paul’s change of language is likely deliberate– to point out that his purpose in disciple is entirely rehabilitative, even if one of the results of his action is temporary exclusion and ostracism of the persistently rebellious sinner… “What the grammar suggests, then, is that the ‘destruction of the flesh’ is the anticipated result of the man’s being put back out into Satan’s domain, while the express purpose of his action is his redemption.” Craig Bloomberg

Wow. I can’t put words to how much this commentary excited me. This word had meant truth, historical and spiritual proof of healing to me… and here it was. Discipline purpose entirely rehabilitative.
It is this truth that has set me free.
And that reminded me of the freedom yesterday.
I’ve been meaning to write about this for some time.
If you know me well, you may be skeptical of my eating disorder recovery.
This is hard to write, but necessary to write.
I understand that. And I don’t mean to be a recovery advocate hypocritically. The healing that God has worked in me, by His Spirit and through His word, is done, and miraculous, and I give all that glory to Him.
But I became aware recently that there were still some habits around food, and views of food, that I held, that I was blind to, because they were normal to me. Because I’d been living this way for so long.
And, with that word, by His Spirit that I both physically and spiritually felt fill me up in my Greek class yesterday, I knew what I needed to do.
Controlled by the Spirit, I finally did the hard work of writing some of these things down. Views of food that I know are skewed. Wow.
I spoke them out loud and renounced them. And prayed.
And more rebirth. More memories. More healing.
There’s always more. Wow Jesus I just want moooore of YOU!
He is so good, my friends. He is so good. He refuses to leave me and He refuses to leave you. He wants to do a great work in you. He wants to bring you in to the purpose of life, and bring you joy and adventure and peace and a kinder heart in doing so.
The past few days I’ve eaten more peanut butter than I have in long time, lots of oily snacky food, and the skin on turkey, and I realized for the first time the swirling voices in my head that have still been there.
And it’s okay that I’ve been struggling. But I’m not okay with staying that way, only because I know Jesus is apart from those voices. And I want to be all His.
He’s allowed me to acknowledge the voices– and silence them.
This whole ordeal– Hina. SO THAT. Purpose.
*if you are resonating with any of these words– about eating disorders, or just about knowing there’s healing/purpose– and have questions or need a friend, I am here. Feel free to message me or ask any questions you might have. I’m trying to be more honest about the lows, rather than forever saying “I’m fine.” Because when darkness is brought to the light… well, it’s not dark anymore.

Lemon Thyme Chicken with Roasted Fingerlings and Fennel Salad

When I have time to really cook… that’s my down time. Me in the kitchen with zero stress, a few hours on my hands, and some awesome tunes is probably my absolutely favourite kind of me time. All for the sake of flavour creating, plating, […]

Day in the Life of a [Learning to Rest] Uni Student [Who is NOT Defined By Her Daily Productivity]

Day in the Life of a [Learning to Rest] Uni Student [Who is NOT Defined By Her Daily Productivity]

Raise your hand if you struggle with feeling like your worth is in your productivity?(🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️<— me). Part of the Christian’s calling is submitting to the Word of God as Truth. Christians believe that within the Bible are the keys to life; real Truths are found […]

My Top 5 Favourite Dates

My Top 5 Favourite Dates

My boyfriend Johnny and I have been dating for very nearly three years (whaaat?)
In our last few semesters of our undergrads– and, therefore, of long distance dating, YAY– I miss him more than ever, and often reminisce some of my favourite memories with him.

As we’ve grown in our relationship, we do life a lot more closely than we did in the start– so “dates” look like running errands or hanging out at home, a lot of time. Still, I think it is so important to “date.”

I’ve always been a big believer in love being spontaneous. For example, if I told Johnny, “I want you to buy me flowers and write me letters,” i wouldn’t want those things at all, because I only “want” what is truly from him. It’s not love if I’m constantly talking about what I want to get.
Love is selfless. Love is me loving him. And in loving Johnny, I care what he is getting out of our relationship, not what I am getting out of it– because I love who he is.
This is what I have never understood about the desperation for “a relationship.” A relationship is only good if it’s with someone you deeply love and care about, because then you’re going to love on them. The desire for any ol’ relationship sounds so cheap to me, because then what’s special about the love you have with the person you’re with? It’s not about what I get from our relationship, but the fact God has brought Johnny and I together, and we can bask in the natural beauty of our teamwork.
Ok. Now that that rant is over with, I thought, in the spirit of missing my man, I’d share my top five favourite dates with him.
Do-Nothing Day. I remember so well last Christmas, Johnny and I planning our do nothing day. We wore sweats, we ordered food, and we cuddled and watched movies and the Office. And it was such needed chill time together. Simply put, he is my best friend, and I love just being with him.
Canada’s Wonderland. For our first 6 months of dating, Johnny surprised me with a trip to Wonderland, knowing full well that I had never been on a roller coaster, and was rather terrified of them. Johnny encouraged me in believing I could face this fear that was only in my mind. The truth was that God would strengthen me and give me peace!
… and I absolutely loved the ride. I will never forget conquering this fear with Johnny, and, most importantly, through Jesus.

Our first date. For our first date, Johnny asked me if he could take me for coffee (knowing I liked it, despite him never having a coffee in his life). We went to Starbucks, and I have never been more nervous/excited for a date, because I’d never had such a “good feeling” about a person. That first date, we couldn’t stop talking, and I felt immediately like I could tell Johnny anything and everything.

Steak dinners. When Johnny comes back from Manitoba each time, we celebrate by going to the Keg for a “fancy” steak dinner. We dress up and all the butterflies of a fancy date are involved all over again.
Boston Calling. One of the coolest and most unforgettable experiences was seeing Johnny’s absolute favourite artist in concert for the first time with him. I also love this artist– Bon Iver– and it has been so cool to grow alongside Johnny in more and more genuinely appreciating his passions and interests, and vice versa.

Recognizing the Spiritual Battle

Our battle is not against flesh and blood. Ephesians 6:12 What does it mean to make note of the spiritual battle, but not allow to harm you? As a Christian believer, I have learned the importance of recognizing that what we can see in a […]