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Lemon Thyme Chicken with Roasted Fingerlings and Fennel Salad

When I have time to really cook… that’s my down time. Me in the kitchen with zero stress, a few hours on my hands, and some awesome tunes is probably my absolutely favourite kind of me time. All for the sake of flavour creating, plating, […]

Day in the Life of a [Learning to Rest] Uni Student [Who is NOT Defined By Her Daily Productivity]

Day in the Life of a [Learning to Rest] Uni Student [Who is NOT Defined By Her Daily Productivity]

Raise your hand if you struggle with feeling like your worth is in your productivity?(🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️<— me). Part of the Christian’s calling is submitting to the Word of God as Truth. Christians believe that within the Bible are the keys to life; real Truths are found […]

My Top 5 Favourite Dates

My Top 5 Favourite Dates

My boyfriend Johnny and I have been dating for very nearly three years (whaaat?)
In our last few semesters of our undergrads– and, therefore, of long distance dating, YAY– I miss him more than ever, and often reminisce some of my favourite memories with him.

As we’ve grown in our relationship, we do life a lot more closely than we did in the start– so “dates” look like running errands or hanging out at home, a lot of time. Still, I think it is so important to “date.”

I’ve always been a big believer in love being spontaneous. For example, if I told Johnny, “I want you to buy me flowers and write me letters,” i wouldn’t want those things at all, because I only “want” what is truly from him. It’s not love if I’m constantly talking about what I want to get.
Love is selfless. Love is me loving him. And in loving Johnny, I care what he is getting out of our relationship, not what I am getting out of it– because I love who he is.
This is what I have never understood about the desperation for “a relationship.” A relationship is only good if it’s with someone you deeply love and care about, because then you’re going to love on them. The desire for any ol’ relationship sounds so cheap to me, because then what’s special about the love you have with the person you’re with? It’s not about what I get from our relationship, but the fact God has brought Johnny and I together, and we can bask in the natural beauty of our teamwork.
Ok. Now that that rant is over with, I thought, in the spirit of missing my man, I’d share my top five favourite dates with him.
Do-Nothing Day. I remember so well last Christmas, Johnny and I planning our do nothing day. We wore sweats, we ordered food, and we cuddled and watched movies and the Office. And it was such needed chill time together. Simply put, he is my best friend, and I love just being with him.
Canada’s Wonderland. For our first 6 months of dating, Johnny surprised me with a trip to Wonderland, knowing full well that I had never been on a roller coaster, and was rather terrified of them. Johnny encouraged me in believing I could face this fear that was only in my mind. The truth was that God would strengthen me and give me peace!
… and I absolutely loved the ride. I will never forget conquering this fear with Johnny, and, most importantly, through Jesus.

Our first date. For our first date, Johnny asked me if he could take me for coffee (knowing I liked it, despite him never having a coffee in his life). We went to Starbucks, and I have never been more nervous/excited for a date, because I’d never had such a “good feeling” about a person. That first date, we couldn’t stop talking, and I felt immediately like I could tell Johnny anything and everything.

Steak dinners. When Johnny comes back from Manitoba each time, we celebrate by going to the Keg for a “fancy” steak dinner. We dress up and all the butterflies of a fancy date are involved all over again.
Boston Calling. One of the coolest and most unforgettable experiences was seeing Johnny’s absolute favourite artist in concert for the first time with him. I also love this artist– Bon Iver– and it has been so cool to grow alongside Johnny in more and more genuinely appreciating his passions and interests, and vice versa.

Discovering Sufficiency

Discovering Sufficiency

He is said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you.” 2 Corinthians 12:9 Is it? Do I live as though I believe this? Do I believe this? Today Jesus blessed me by confronting me with this grace that I certainly believe in, this Truth that […]

20 Things I’ve Learned By 20

20 Things I’ve Learned By 20

1. What we think is the “end of the world” probably isn’t. God is all powerful is the only One who calls the “end of the world.” Other than that, He’s got your back and He’s got your plan. 2. Coping mechanisms are sneaky. Self-awareness […]

Learning to Rest for Real

Learning to Rest for Real

Happy Wednesday!
My Wednesdays look like rest this semester.
Like, actually. I mean, I do homework as needed, and I do my work from home (freelance writing projects and blog work), but this is about it. I have learned what rest is to me, and sometimes it looks like seeing friends, other times it needs to look like doing very little.
I always thought growing meant movement. Growth must equate to a “go-go-go” lifestyle, right?
Well, after a year of full-time uni, working three jobs, volunteering, and facing physical health issues, I have finally begun to learn that growth looks like synchronization with Jesús… which certainly doesn’t demand our doing fifty things at once.

In vain you rise early and stay up late, toiling for food to eat— for he grants sleep to those he loves. Psalm 127:2

It wasn’t until I went to Jesus to pray over some of these things in my life I saw as ministries that I realized I had become a slave to arbitrary laws surrounding them rather than seeking His will in them.
And, simply put, I am not capable of seeking His will whilst doing well in school and maintaining a personal relationship with Christ, nor am I called to. So while I left my this last year of university feeling like I had performed mediocrely, Jesus said I’ve never loved you on a basis of your performance, or how many things you can do at once. I simply love you, and I want to shine that love through you: energetic, called, and equipped Cassie.
I have always stood firmly by the belief that intentional relationships should trump experiences. I care deeply about the people in my life, and believe that compassion is at the heart of who our Lord is.
And compassion can surely be the initial reason for taking on a role of any kind, but it doesn’t necessarily sustain. And when it’s not His Spirit sustaining, that’s when productivity replaces passion, and results replace relationships.
I found myself dictated by stringent schedules and worldly standards, skipping my time at my Father’s feet and convinced outwardly that I didn’t need that time.
I’d love to say that I’ve found this perfect rhythm in which the Holy Spirit guides my every word and step, but I would be lying. But I certainly have been convicted that nothing of true worth can be done without Him.
So today, sleeping in, spending time catching up with Maddie and going to the gym with her, treating myself to a peaceful lunch, meeting with my friend and co-worker Dayna for coffee to catch up on life and work, looking forward to a slow night at home watching Masterchef… I recognize that I need this, because it’s in the spaces that I am not trying to fill that I recognize that my desire to fill spaces often comes from a place of fear.
But I need to rest to be equipped to serve.
I need to be filled up by Him in moments of silence and stillness in order to physically move.
So movement and growth, I’ve discovered, can look like what the world might call a step back.

Trusting in the "Delay"

Trusting in the "Delay"

Much of today’s musings are inspired by a wonderful message preached by Pastor Mike Rutledge   at Risen City church yesterday, where Jesus met me in my own worries, stress, and anxieties and revealed newness to me as His Spirit does, starting when I so loudly […]

New House, New Recipe

New House, New Recipe

Does the word itself give you anxiety?;)
It’s such a confusing one for me. Both exciting and dreadful, the process of moving house is mentally and physically draining, but also, I find, always quite memorable.
Well, moving is exactly what my roommates and best friends, Maddie and Mary, and I have been doing the past few days. Having lived together for two years now, with each year a bit of a different set up than the last, our third and, likely, final year of living together is in a three-level townhouse, much different from our one-level unit shared between five people. It has been a transition that so fair has gone smoothly, despite Maddie and I finding a massive beetle our first sleep here… finding myself sick and fevered since we moved in… and struggling to find the perfect layout for the house, though disagreements have been minor.
From my mom and sister coming late at night to help me move, making my entire day, to debating for over half an hour on how to place decorations on one little shelf, this move has been an exemplary revelation of the love I’m surrounded by, and the excitement my roomies and I have for this final year. I’m anticipating a year of learning and growing closer to Jesus only ever, facing challenges and developing new skills.
Since living here, I even got to test a new recipe! This is a mini veggie pot pie that I whipped up from scratch.

Veggie Pot Pie For One


1/4 c whole wheat flour

1 tsp oil

1 Tbsp almond milk

1/2 tsp salt

1/4 c butternut squash cubes

3 stalks celery, chopped

1/4 cup carrots, chopped

1/4 c onion, diced

1/4 cup mushrooms

1 tsp thyme

1 tsp garlic powder

2 Tbsp almond milk or cream

1 Tbsp balsamic vinegar

salt and pepper to taste

1/3 cup cooked quinoa

1 Tbsp toasted oats


1. In small dish, combine flour, oil, milk, and salt until a dough forms. Press dough into bottom and sides of a mini ramekin. Refrigerate at least 30 minutes.

2. Preheat oven to 425 degrees. On foil lined baking tray, place squash, celery, and carrots. Drizzle with oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Roast in oven about 20 minutes, tossing occasionally.

3. Meanwhile, heat generous amount of oil in a small sauce pan over medium high heat. Add onion, and cook about 3 mins, until fragrant. Add mushrooms, thyme, garlic, milk, vinegar, and some salt and pepper. Sauté another 7-10 minutes.

4. Add roasted vegetables and quinoa to saucepan, along with 1/3 cup boiling water. Mix well. Scoop this filling into the prepared ramekin of dough. Bake about 18-20 minutes, sprinkling with oats at the last minute. Serve hot.

Solitude over Society?

Solitude over Society?

In a world more automatically public than ever before, solitude and silence are inadvertently taboo, yet a large part of most people’s day. In my experience, at least, we as a society are more antisocial than ever before, many thanks to social media. I see […]