When Nothing Goes as Planned…

One of those days where none of my plans happened the way they were supposed to.

I could list off quite a number of things that didn’t go today the way I’d thought them out or planned them through.


I can also list a number of things that happened that were blessings, amazing, and special.

Like the fact that one of the greatest people I’ve never known, Rachel, a barista I worked with at Starbucks, came to see me at my new job, and I wouldn’t have seen her if it weren’t for some cancelled plans.

Or the fact that I have time later to catch up with my momma.

When I choose to focus on where I am and the outcomes that have actually occurred, I am set free to accept, embrace, and live in God’s Truth, the path that I cannot change. But when I stress about changed plans, I subconsciously believe that God’s way wasn’t the best way, and I miss out on submitting to His perfection.

I am learning with age, and ultimately, Jesus, that patience and trust are key components of His Spirit that He calls me to rely on, in order to serve Him, and everyone around me. Trying to forge my own way never works… so I might as well sit back and trust, allowing the miraculous and blessing of the Holy Spirit to work through me. It will forever be the best life.


Day in the Life: Livin the Dream Every Day?

What does it mean to be livin the dream? What does that look like?

I think the worldly classification of the real dream is in riches. Having a huge house and no “reason” to work because you have money coming out of your ears.

Let’s say that’s actually the life goal.

Personally, I picture this:

So, worldly success can’t be the secret to happiness or the meaning of life.

It’s not in a near-future hope. It’s in a present, past, and forever help.

I prayed for a heart and mind and soul set on Him this morning as I got ready for work.

This week, I get to work every day with of the sweetest and most relatable people I’ve ever met, Brooke, at Pure’s second location. Working together, Brooke and I care so much about the success of Pure, the kitchen we work at, and this makes every day, even work conversations, so much fun. She makes me a better employee, and her work ethic is inspirational and always on point!

She also makes the prettiest food.

Brooke and I are able to relate in so many ways, while also challenging each other to be our best. I only want to be a light in her life, as she has been in mine.

The shift was great and smooth, and we’re so excited to only grow at this new location, and as I pray about it, I know God is guiding it and I pray to walk in His ways.

After my shift, I settled in for editing and homework over coffee and lunch, grateful for a productive afternoon. I am often struck by the fact that I get to work in three part time jobs in the three fields I’ve called my “dream jobs.” I am passionate about my youth ministry job, writing work, and serving at Pure. But I can only imagine that if these were the end goal, I might feel… empty.

But I believe that God’s Kingdom is the only end goal, and looking to Him and His perfect love means I’m actually able to serve and love on others in a way that is meaningful. What a blessed life you offer, Lord– thank-you for your unending blessings.

Tonight, as I catch up with a Bible study group and spend some quiet time with Jesus, I know that He is in control, and I pray for only more knowledge of His glory in my life and workplaces.

Jesus, I pray for more of you in workplaces, and less of the lie that money or fame or material things are the meaning or goal of life. Guide my heart by Your Spirit alone, Lord. Amen.

“One of those days…”

It was one of those days.

I woke up feeling… complacent. A little anxious. My head was pounding and I felt a little stuffy, too. The weather was dreary and I felt overwhelmed for whatever reason.

I immediately perked up upon thinking about who I was about to go see– Daniella. One of my best friends, who has been by my side almost half my life.

Daniella had asked me to go on an adventure today, which usually equates to finding a waterfall a few cities over. But, with the forecast uninviting, we decided on a more chill scene of doing some work in a Starbucks before checking out a city right near us.

I spent some time in prayer, but rushed it. Rushed past my living God and what He was speaking, rushed through my time with Him, having already convinced myself it wasn’t going to be “fun” this morning.

What a lie.

I got ready for the day (coffee, banana with peanut butter, bad hair day in a low bun) and went to meet Daniella.

The plan was to bus to meet her, but, after missing three busses, Daniella kindly offered to come to me.

I was frustrated with myself, feeling melancholy, and guilty for disorganization when…

being with Daniella made that go away. Something I love about her is her ability to take everything in stride. She may not see it in herself, but she’s not calculative, never manipulative, always simply present.

We worked together for a few hours before our hope of the rain clearing dissipated and we settled on one of our favourite lunch spots, Copper Branch, after which we ventured to Cambridge.

It didn’t feel exciting, nor like an “adventure,” we both agreed– but I think that’s because an adventure wasn’t what we needed.

After stopping a new pop-up dairy-free ice cream place, and checking out a thrift shop, we walked down to a beautiful river and watched ducks. For a long time.

Taking no photos and documenting none of it for social media purposes, we just marvelled at the ducks, their family instincts, their beautiful feathers, intricate feet, uniqueness. We talked about how amazing it was that so many species existed. Stunned by the sheer beauty of these creatures.

I relayed a quotation I had recently read to Daniella by Toni Morrison:

At some point in life the world’s beauty becomes enough. You don’t need to photograph, paint, or even remember it. It is enough.

It’s something I love about her. She doesn’t feel the need to share photos or moments on social media because she doesn’t want to participate in distracting others from living the beauty themselves. And even watching those ducks, I wanted to blather on about them while she was so content to just observe them.

I think it’s one of the things that makes us soul sisters.

I didn’t know I needed to watch ducks that day, but God did. He quieted the complacency and reminded me of His marvellousness in the gentlest way, alongside the greatest friend.

Day in the Life: Chill Work from Home

I have discovered one of my dream jobs in freelance writing, and Wednesdays have thus become my favourite day.

Because on Wednesdays, I coffee and I write!

This morning I woke up leisurely at 8:30, enjoyed prayer time and then breakfast in bed with the MasterChef Canada finale (I am SO THRILLED with the winner!). Then I spent a few hours cleaning, doing laundry, and homework before heading out to my favourite “office”– my old workplace, Starbucks.

I wrote for three hours, in the zone, which flew by before heading to the gym for a really good workout. Groceries came next, and then back home for dinner before heading for a much appreciated outlet mall date with my lovely friend Ashlie. We had a fun little road trip and I got some things that have been on my summer list for a while.

And all of this got me thinking…

In the midst of every day, what actually matters is the little things. It’s the conversations that without Jesus I’m too lazy to have. It’s the extra love shown that without Jesus I don’t think I need to show. It’s the going out of my way and thinking of others before myself. It is these things that matter.

All the little things can go. The hustle and bustle of human consumption that has existed for years while people are born into this world and die from it. What matters? What started the world and will finish it? How temporary am I? Jesus reminded me whose I am when I sat and listened.

Jesus, use me. Fix my heart on You.

All of these errands got

Gettin Real

I’ve been thinking a looot.

And talking to God a loooot.

And realizing just how true it is that we put the good parts of us, the best parts of us, on social media, and try to hide the ugly parts of us. When I blog about my day, I don’t blog my own mistakes or awkward moments, my tiredness or sometimes moodiness, my moments of procrastination. I blog the interesting parts that I hope will be helpful, but I want to disclaim that I guess.

This morning my beautiful older sister graduated university, so I attended her grad with my fam. I am so wordlessly proud of this lady and all her hard work, kindness, and genuinity. I cannot wait to see where she goes next!

Krystal is such an others-focused lady in so many ways and has been such an incredible support to me my whole life.

After the grad, Johnny and I were fortunate today that we were both working from home today! So after a quick work meeting, I got to work alongside Johnny which was so special, if that makes sense. Because I’m so proud of him. And his work ethic, professionalism, intelligence, and empathy absolutely blows me away. We worked well together but also took breaks to check in with each other, listen to music, and just chill.

My kind, thoughtful man took me grocery shopping then before Youth group, where I was again reminded of something huge Jesus is softly convicting me of late– putting others first.


  • My own instant gratification or pleasure
  • My agenda or routine
  • My preconceived notions

Listening to others. Ready heart to serve. Open to the fact that every person is coming with a different set of experiences and perspectives.

Johnny and Krystal reminded me of that today in the way they love, smog other people. More importantly, Jesus Himself did and will forever continue to.

A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.

John 13:34-35

Also I saw these balloons at youth tonight and thought life is too short not to carry around balloons as if you’re a little child🎈

Photo an Hour

Hey friends!

Today I was tagged to take a photo for every hour of the day with one caption for each.

So here’s a quick little day in the life on an extraordinary Wednesday!

Bible study and time in prayer started the day. I’m currently reading 2 Samuel, which has been one of my favourite Old Testament books so far.
Next came some important additions and references to my agenda.

I did some homework next. Usually I’m out of bed at this point, but I was clearly too comfy this morning.

Maddie slept over last night, and so we talked for a while before then heading to the gym together.

Next came a walk uptown for a meeting with the lovely manager of the brilliant company I write for, LeadManaging.

We met at Princess Cafe, where I had a delish goat cheese grilled cheese and coffee, while so enjoying and appreciating my meeting with Dayna.

Tonight we were excited to get to be on a panel with some other incredible people all about relationships. Johnny and I were humbled and grateful for this opportunity to share what Jesus has done in through our relationship for His glory. He is so good!

Day in the Life: Working from Home, Reunited with My Best Friend, Exhausted?

Wakin up next to my best friend this morning was like livin the dream again, finally!

Maddie, my roomie who is moved back home for the summer, slept over last night at our student house that we, during the school year, live in together. It was so great to be reunited with this beautiful girl who has always naturally felt like my sister. We had such a needed catch up last night and then this morning over an early bird breakfast special before running errands together, and then cracking down on some work.

I have a few freelance writing projects on the go, and so my office was a Starbucks with Maddie doing homework next to me while I wrote away. Check out the blog that I edit and write for at LeadManaging.com/blog. I am taking new clients to write for at the moment as well, so be sure to get in touch with me via the blog here, or contacting me via Instagram if you have content curating needs!

I live the dream when I’m writing away, that’s for sure! And spending the day with Maddie, despite it being a little chaotic, was the biggest blessing I could ask for. This girl is my second half, natural sister, and simply such a beautiful soul. We had such a good time together, and I can’t wait until we’re living together again, for probably the last time next year.

My dear Johnny has been really sick, unfortunately, basically the entire time he’s been back from Winnipeg. I’m proud of the way he’s been handling this stress, and working myself on giving our relationship continuously to God for His glory, and trusting that He will heal Johnny in His timing, and teach and challenge him along the way.

Youth was also tonight, and, while I was so wrecked tonight by Jesus’ presence I was overwhelmed, humbled, and convicted, with that came a physical exhaustion like I haven’t had in a long time! I came home from great fellowship and important time with Jesus to pray about my burnt out feelings and current busy schedule, seeking the Lord’s will for my life and time. I know that this short life is for Him, and when it’s in line with what His living Spirit is doing and speaking, that’s where LIFE is. Spending time reflecting on and listening to Him was the most important part of today.

Lord, thank-you for reminding me that You call me to love. Jesus, I want to put You first, and I know that means loving other people as myself, seeking your will for my life, and serving You in all that I do. May I not seek selfish pleasure, speak unkindly, or turn to anger. Grant me Your Spirit and grace. For Jesus’ glory. Amen.