Why My Boyfriend Is the Best One in the World (A Moment to Brag)

As I was trying to decide if I wanted to blog today, I became aware of a song on my heart about the man whole stole it over two years ago, and wanted to take the opportunity to tell you about some of the things that make this man so amazing.


He is so selfless. From the first time I met this man, I saw this selfless characteristic in him that recognized me as a whole different human with a whole life. He saw me in all my humanity, met me where I was at, but also encouraged me so deeply in the fact that my current position wasn’t my full potential. God had so much in store, and Johnny KNOWS that, and is neverendingly grateful to His God for that.

He is a beacon of encouragement. Johnny consistently encourages me, tells me if I’m being unrealistic in a loving way, expresses his pride in me, and shares his love for me. He reminds me constantly of his love, and makes me feel truly proud of and excited about accomplishments in my life.

He is the most talented man I’ve ever met– watch out! Johnny is so gifted in sports and his physical fitness, in public speaking, in math, in business, in relating to people. He is musically gifted and gifted with a heart for God that wants to serve.

He is sooo blessed with good looks.


^like OH MY!

He is so funny. When we’re goofy together, it’s my favourite time in the world. He makes me laugh and gets me.

He is the best listener I know. I am writing this after an hour-long Skype call in which Johnny, smilingly, attentively listened to me and made what I was saying his only focus. He cares deeply for all people.

He loves Jesus more than anything or anyone. He lives for his Heavenly Father, and knows that while he’s not perfect, Jesus is. He expects Jesus to be good in and through him as he submits to Him, and the love I see pouring out of him is the Holy Spirit.


I love you babe. No matter where in the world, or what we’re doing, I love you. Thank-you for all the big and little ways you love me!


Day in the Life in Just Ten Photos: Get to Know Me

I saw a blog post challenge to post just ten pictures with one short caption each that describe your typical day in the life. So here is my best attempt!

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 8.35.12 PM
Daily get to do life with the most beautiful roommates.


Most days, I blog…

And every day, I spend some time in the Word. And every day I drink a coffee ;).
Whenever I feel like it, I hit the gym…
And on weekends, I’m makin’ bank at Starbucks (and memories– check out yesterday’s post!)
I aim to spend every moment in fluid conversation with my Father, Best Friend, and Saviour Jesus Christ.
And, right now, a large part of my day goes to PAPERS on 1 Corinthians and British literary classics.
Every Tuesday I have tap class, but you’ll find me tapping my toes outside the studio, too.
I’m very blessed by my job at Creekside church, serving God as the Youth and Young Adults ministry intern.
And I’m always missing my love Johnny, calling and Skyping him when we both can, proud of him and what God has called him to every day!


Currently… March 2018

Books. I just finished Emily Ley’s Grace Not Perfection, and liked it even more than I thought I would. For school purposes, I’m finishing the classic Woolf novel Mrs. Dalloway— and having to write an essay on why it is an ineffective novel, believe it or not; finishing Sky Lee’s Disappearing Moon Cafe– also having to argue for its ineffectiveness; and reading a few 1930s poets, particularly WH Auden.

Music. Thanks to a lovely Starbucks co-worker, I am nonstop jamming to the new album by Odesza. I am also very grateful for this song.

Event. I am currently a bridesmaid for the very first time for a dear and special friend of mine, Emily. I just went to put my bridesmaid dress on hold today. It is so exciting to be a part of such a holy, unique, and beautiful process in her life.

Conviction. To be more selfless, and to be in Christ in order for that characteristic to be truly part of me more and more, only ever.

Romans 12:10 Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honour preferring one another.

Starbucks Order. Ever since I tried our raspberry and mocha together, it’s basically all I order. I usually get it as a soy Americano misto with one pump of each syrup and extra foam, and that’s exactly how I like it! My beautiful co-worker, Rachel, also invented this drink: a soy vanilla bean frappuccino with strawberry inclusions blended in. It tastes like a strawberry milkshake, so it’s my go-to when I’m craving something cold and frothy.

Health. My physical health is better now than it has been in years and years, and I am feeling that in every possible sense, so grateful to God for it. This is directly related to my recovery from eating disorders, and some tenacious things I have been learning the past few months. I’m really excited to blog about some advice I have on this topic when I am in an absolutely firm place physically– and I’m really on that path, praise be to God.

Moving. I am beginning to mourn the change that will be our little family of five girls no longer all in this house next year, as Beth and Autumn are graduating. But I am very grateful that Maddie, Mary and I just signed the lease for our new apartment that we will move into in September!


Relationships. What an “everything” aspect of this life. Most importantly I am pursuing my relationship with Jesus; so grateful for my always-growing relationships with my parents and sisters; my relationship with Johnny, and the way it’s grown despite and in the midst of long distance; and relationships with such beautiful friends, both new and long-time.


Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 9.27.18 PMIMG_3439 2IMG_3481 2

Save Money on Starbucks (tips from a barista)

We’ve all paid more than we hoped to for a delicious coffee.

Watched the till climb from 5.25 to 6.99 for that soy, pump of raspberry, and extra espresso shot.

What if I told you there are ways to order still delicious drinks for sometimes half the price?

Read on to find out how to make your favourite Starbucks fix a little less damaging to your bank account.


If you love caramel macchiatos…

Order an upside down vanilla americano misto Cali style. You’ll get an extra shot of espresso and save money for essentially just a bit less milk.

If you love passion tea lemonades…

Order an iced passion tea, no lemonade. It’s still sweetened– and, in my opinion, quite sweet– but you’ll end up with a substantially cheaper drink just because you’re omitting a splash of lemonade. Try subbing the classic syrup for raspberry at no extra charge for a fun flavour.

If you love our smoothies…

Ask for extra ice and poured into a venti cup. The smoothie recipe almost always makes for more smoothie than a grande, and with extra ice, it fills the cup perfectly.

If you love frappuccinos and whipped cream…

Order a tall size frappuccino, poured in a grande cup with extra whip. Whip is free of charge, so this is a way to get more bang for your buck, especially if you’re one of those people that orders puppaccinos…. for yourself…

If you’re a grande coffee with triple cream triple sugar kind of person…

Order a tall coffee in a grande cup, topped with your desired dairy. The cold dairy is also essentially free, so if you like lots of it in your beverage, you’re probably paying more than you should be!

If your go-to is an iced latte…

Make it an iced coffee with milk and your desired flavour. Or order it black, topped up with milk and sugar, if you’re good with that.

If you drink cool limes and very berries…

Get more bang for your buck by ordering your drink with no water and light ice. Oh, and hate the way the berries clog your straw and just get bitter by the end of the drink? Just order your drink without them!


My Staple Cosmetics: Which Products are Worth It (IMO)

If you love doing your make-up, but also don’t love doing it for more than, ah, 20 minutes, you’re like me.

I played around with brands and looks for a long time before I found my personal staple products, the things I always have on hand that last and that are worth their prices. In my opinion, these products are the affordable compilation of the products that I can have on hand that ultimately come together so that I always have on hand the products I need for the look I’m going for.SkinTarte Under the Sea Foundation$51 CAD, this product lasts me about 6 months. It provides full and natural looking coverage.Tarte Pro Glow to Go Palette$30 CAD This palette is like no other contour kit I’ve tried its lasting appliance and pliability. It lasts years! EyesToo Faced Natural Eye Shadow Palette$45 CAD I have had this palette for, I kid you not, six years, and it is still going strong. It was a gift from one of my dearest friends in tenth grade, and I literally haven’t bought eye shadow since! It has every shade I use for going out or day-to-day.Sephora Long Lasting Black Eye LinerCAD $14 This pencil liner is easy to use. I don’t wear eyeliner every day, but it’s the perfect product for those times I do.Cover Girl Lash Blast MascaraCAD $9 This is, personally, one of my drug store purchases. I have pretty long and fills natural lashes, but I love the long and separated look this mascara helps provide.


Sephora Colour Last Semi-Matte

CAD $18 This mauve shade in semi matte is my go-to lil colour.

Tarte Lip Paint

CAD $22 This is my all time favourite lip colour. Long-lasting and not “cakey,” this colour and applicator pop!

Make-up is fun, and individual. Find your style if it’s something you’re interested in, do your research, and remember you don’t have to break the bank!

Attention Laurier Students: Vote Adina

Hi, fellow Golden Hawks!


Today I want to direct your attention to an important voting system within our school– for student leaders within various bachelor groups. My bachelor is in the Arts, and I am urging you, if you are an Arts undergrad at Laurier, to vote Adina for the Arts internal president.

Here are her promises, taken directly from her website:

– I will get AUS to expand and be much more diverse with the students that volunteer their time. This means students from different arts programs. I believe this will help enhance their experience at Laurier while also helps unite the arts programs together.

– I want film studies students and artists of all kinds a part of AUS more, along with other arts programs that feel less represented. I believe these programs can contribute creatively. AUS needs creativity in order to inspire and prepare arts students for the future! 

– I will bring more events which means more social time for arts students. This will help students enhance their social lives and make friends on campus. I want to also provide the arts student body with opportunities to do academically better such as workshops and guests that can empower students.

– I will introduce more blogging, more social media posts and more contests so that students feel they are gaining from AUS, whether it be knowledge or a short break from studies.

– I will reach out to incoming Laurier students so that they feel less disoriented and feel much more welcomed. I believe incoming students are the future just as much as students in their senior years but this does not mean I will forget about senior year students! I want to be able to share opportunities with incoming students so they feel they are building their future! 

– I will manage the budget fairly so that all clubs under AUS and including AUS feel that their needs are met.

– I will get the name out about AUS effectively so that AUS grows each year rather than getting forgotten about!

Vote Creative, Vote Adina


Honestly, I have never, since being in university, voted within any student elections. But I know and have experienced that every vote counts, and I urge you to put the time and effort into your degree and school and cast a vote for a genuine, humble leader who cares deeply about this school and her program!


Check your Laurier email and click “click here to vote” on the email from the Students’ Union to vote now!

Photos by Ashlie Reid

Second Year Moved Out: How to Budget Without Going Crazy

Moving into a student house with some of my dearest friends at the start of my second year of uni last year was one of the most major changes in my life thus far. And yet, it felt so natural. While I miss my family every day, change is something I’ve never struggled a whole lot with. Independence has always been fun to me, and I have loved working out on my own and through prayer a way of sustaining life for myself in a responsible way, that also leaves room for fun.

The best roomies anyone could imagine.

While I lived at home in first year, I would recommend moving out during university to anyone. I have learned so much about living in the world, and this move was my choice to install practical habits that ultimately make me a better and more prepared citizen of it as a 20-year-old.

Mary and I outside the house last year.

Tuition aside, I budget for rent payments, my phone bill, grocery/other living expenses, saving lots, and occasional room for “fun” purchases. Here is how I do so, working just a part-time job at Starbucks.

There is a base amount I have worked out, based on my earnings, that I keep in my bank account at all times. The goal is that I am comfortable enough to continue to increase that base amount. I don’t dip under that in spending, unless in the case of big/important/time-dependant purchases when I know the money will be replenished next pay day.

450/rent per month;

65/phone per month;

140/groceries per month;

$655 necessary spending per month.

Next on my priority list in birthday gifts/money spent on others.

My roommate Beth’s wedding, for example!

Each month, and sometimes well before the beginning of a new month, I figure out what kind of birthdays and occasions I should budget for in spending, and how much I can spend per event so that I don’t go over board on spending!

Living with Maddie has only brought us closer.

Any remaining money above the base limit can go to choice things such as clothes, nights out, etc., but more often than not, the vast majority of “extra” money is saved.

Once you start saving, it becomes wonderfully compelling, and seen as investment in the future, as well as the present! I am not consumed by money, but by the grace of God know it is His for His purposes, and I have definitely witnessed and welcomed His purposes in this little rundown student house of mine.