Smoothie Bowls. They’re a mood… but they can be hard to perfect.

The perfect texture can be tough to pull off, but I’ve learned a few things about getting a consistency that is pillowy but not soupy, creamy but not liquidy.

I love smoothie bowls for breakfast, or even lunch. And it’s funny, because I often crave them in the winter… is that weird? My ideal day of food would be a cozy oatmeal bowl topped with peanut butter, cinnamon, and chopped apple in the morning, alongside a steaming mug of black coffee. For lunch, a smoothie bowl made of frozen banana, spinach, mixed berries, nut butter, and a splash of almond milk with all the toppings. And for dinner… probably fried chicken and sweet potatoes. I’ve recently become a fried chicken drumstick fanatic.

Any way. Smoothie bowls.

The right consistency is THIIIICK.

Like, DQ-blizzard-test proof.

How to get it that way?

1. Use frozen bananas. Always.

2. Lots of ice ice, baby.

3. Frozen berries.

4. Only as much liquid as won’t break your blender.

Follow the instructions below for the perfect smoothie bowl. Ideally use a powerful blender (like the VitaMix).

The Perfect Smoothie Bowl

(Serves 1)

1 banana, frozen and chopped
1 cup frozen mixed berries
Handful of spinach
5-10 ice cubes
Splash of almond milk (or other liquid)
Sweetener of choice (like stevia, maple syrup)
1 Tbsp almond butter (or other nut butter)

Optional Toppings (or whatever your heart desires)
More nut butter
Honey or maple syrup
Hemp or chia seeds
Berries or other fruit

1. Place the chopped bananas and berries in the bowl of your blender. Blend these first, until they resemble crumbs.
2. Add the ice, spinach, nut butter, and liquid. Blend until just consistent and smooth, adding only as much liquid as necessary.
3. Smooth the smoothie out into a bowl, and top with optional toppings. Enjoy immediately!

Tag me on Instagram with your creations! @cassandraafulford. I can’t wait to see!

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