The tenth, and second-to-last, instalment of my wedding series is here, and I’m telling you all about The Speeches.

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So, most of these speeches made me a bit of a blubbering mess. We have some pretty incredible people in our lives.

I can’t write about the speeches without honouring our AMAZING emcees, Sam and Jacqueline. They KILLED it, and hosted with poise, care, and beauty.
Johnny’s brothers were amazing. They told some hilarious jokes, shared some amazing memories, and, mostly, expressed deep love for their younger brother. I am so blessed to call them both brothers!
And then there were my sisters – who EACH wrote SONGS, that they sang so beautifully. I cannot begin to explain what this meant to me. Both my of sisters are INCREDIBLY talented vocalists, AS WELL as song writers, and the fact that they put in the time and effort to write these songs blows my mind. I was a complete mess.
Johnny’s best man, Braeden, absolutely knocked his speech out of the park, also making me cry at the amazingly true, completely accurate, compassionate, and genuine words he had to say about Johnny, as well as the way Johnny so clearly loved me and showed his love for me when we were in long distance. He is an incredible man of God!
Ah, my Maddie and my Bethany. Blowing everyone away with their smiles, some of the wildest jokes and sharing some of the most treasured memories of my LIFE that lie in our friendship, I was so honoured to hear their kind words, and continue to be so blessed by their friendship.
And Daniella.
My sister-friend since I was 11 years old, listening to her kind, beautiful words – also on the last day I would see her as she was leaving for the Northwest Territories for an amazing opportunity as a nurse – was just too much. I look up to her so so much, and can’t begin to explain how proud I am of her.
And my amazing mother and father-in-law, Jenn and Jim. Their speech took us through Johnny’s life with humour, wisdom, and amazing storytelling, and it was incredibly clear that they put their all into it. They are some of the most humble, God-honouring, wise people I have ever known. Words can’t explain what I know in my heart to be the blessing I have to know them, and call them my parents.
And my amazing, beautiful momma and daddy.
I tear up just looking at them together. This beautiful couple who radiates, who have inspired my romantic side for my whole life, who have taught me to dream big and love fiercely and laugh hard and have fun and to be kind. Who I look up to so much, who I admire so much, and who I cannot imagine or dream of life without.
Their speech was completely incredible – they wrote a poem, too! – and, of course, by the end of it all I was just a mess. In the best way.
Johnny and I gave our thank-you speech at the very end, addressing our bridal parties and the entire group of guests that attended, and thanking all of our vendors. It was surreal to come to that part of the day, but such an incredible blessing.
I will forever look back on this day with the utmost thankfulness and joy, knowing that our King Jesus showed us the way to each other, to spend a life serving Him.
And surrounded us with the best of the best friends and family.

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