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The “First Look” thing has always been a big no for me.

I knew that I wanted Johnny and I to see each other for the first time on our wedding day when I walked down the aisle, and Johnny felt just the same.

However, I had to pray with him beforehand.

I had prayed for a mind stayed on Jesus all day, and prayed that Johnny’s would be the same. I had prayed that the Holy Spirit would fill us both, and fill every room. I had prayed for those coming to the wedding, that they would meet the Healer Jesus if they didn’t know Him already.

Still, the only reason I needed to talk with Johnny before the ceremony was to pray with Him. To, together, fix our eyes on Jesus the last hour before we vowed to become one unit forever.

This prayer had been worked into our wedding itinerary for 2:15pm, 45 minutes before our ceremony, on the venue’s gorgeous 4th floor balcony that overlooked the river.

However… we certainly hadn’t anticipated a thundering, pouring, wind-a-blowin’ storm. On January 11th.

But here we were… praise the Lord, though, that it was 10 degrees out!

I have always said how much I love the rain. God’s amazing power is so clearly shown in it. It’s also pretty romantic.

But it didn’t make for the ideal outdoor prayer 45 minutes before we were to say “I do.”

But it happened.

The amazing, truly caring people that hosted us at the Mill spent a good 15 minutes devising a plan – one that you can see right above.

They found tarp to put on the ground, and the ladies guarded us with umbrellas with such laser focus. And, though I didn’t notice him at all… I guess our amazing photographer, Liam, was there, too.

I was so locked in, and, of course, our God was right there. Just like He is right there with you, and with me, and with the whole world now. I truly FELT the arms of Jesus Christ around me all day that day, so constantly aware of His presence. I know this is how He calls me to live EVERY SINGLE DAY – aware of His amazing presence, His voice, His call.

Jesus stilled both Johnny and I in this moment. To stop thinking about anything to do with the day but His face. But His sacrifice. But His beauty. But His perfection…. His face… so in love with Him… Never enough in love with Him.

Jesus, my Jesus, for YOUR glory, for YOUR Name.

Johnny blindfolded and both of us umbrellaed, I will never forget this incredible moment in which love was poured out over us – by these strangers, by each other, and by our God. We needed to have that moment to just surrender the next few hours to the One who was already in control.
Jesus, You are our everything. Be EVERYTHING in our home, in our marriage, in this world forever. Live Your mission through us. Take these broken, temporary vessels called Johnny and Cassie, and use them for your eternally glorious purposes. Amen.

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