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All photos by the INCREDIBLE Liam Good Visuals.

Today, I’m writing all about the bridesmaids (it’s timely, because today, March 26th, is Bethany’s birthday, and this Saturday is Daniella’s birthday!)

Where to even begin with trying to express what each one of these ladies means to me?

The morning of my wedding was one of joy, laughter, and friendship, and I literally felt the support and love in the room. This is because of the selflessness and love and these women (who my nephew Henry dubbed “The Red Ballerinas”).

Their adorable PJs are from La Vie En Rose!

When I look at these photos, I feel overwhelmed, because I know that each one of these women has played a vital role in shaping who I am today.

I felt surrounded by them all day, as well as the days leading up to the wedding. The generousity, selflessness, and love each one of them showed me cannot be properly expressed.

This is Beth. Her wisdom on not only marriage, but basically everything, is always prayed about and from the Holy Spirit, and I am so blessed by every conversation I get to have with her. We have had every conversation under the sun, from laughing to crying and praying, and she is someone who is so present wherever she is. I respect and love her so deeply.

Mary’s friendship is one that means more to me than words can express. She has prayed over me more times than I can count, ALWAYS engages in meaningful, intentional conversation, and expresses deep and Jesus-like compassion. We have had countless TV and popcorn nights in uni that I will forever cherish – and can’t wait for many more of!-, she’s been there for some of my messiest tears and most joyful victories, and she’s shown me such REAL love.

Bethany, my “soul mate,” is someone I constantly express to: “I don’t like to imagine where I might be without you.” And it’s true. She has been so presently there from before the beginning of mine and Johnny’s relationship, and has been such a clear example in my life of what a real, intentional relationship with Christ looks like. She knows how to make me laugh so genuinely, she’s prayed over and with me countless times and loves so intentionally, and we’ve had some of the best Disney movie sleepovers and middle-of-the-night adventures. She literally feels like my sister, and I am SO grateful for her.

Courtney, my sweet sister – I can’t express in words the amount of protectiveness and love I have for this amazing woman. I want to see her flourish in every way, and I am SO proud of the drive that she’s put to practice, enduring tough times, and loving those around her so intentionally, making them smile and laugh all the way long. Her empathy is something I feel to my depths. I love her so much, and will forever cheer her on.

Krystal – where to begin with how much of a true “Big Sister” this lady has been to me all my life? Throughout my struggles with eating disorders, she tangibly believed that I was more than an illness, and actively showed me that through word and deed, through listening and caring, through endless love and kindness, all throughout my life. She is so exceptionally loving and caring, and her adherence to her word is something I admire her for so much. I am SO proud of her.

Maddie, my beautiful friend and maid of honour – God knew what He was doing when we met that first day of university and all I could think was, “Man, she just seems like a really nice girl.” What I saw was Jesus in her, and I know that today. The love she has for people, the compassion and empathy and genuineness are gifts that I have been blessed, impacted, and so encouraged by. She has been such an incredible friend to me from Day One, and has believed in me and encouraged me in my relationship with Jesus. We have had soooo many late night and early – well, somewhat early – mornings talking about literally everything and anything, and we have shared our whole heart with each other in sweet sistership. She holds me accountable, comes in with godly conviction, grace, and forgiveness. She is a once-in-a-lifetime friend, and I am sooo excited to continue to do life with her.

And Daniella. Leaving for the Northwest Territories a matter of days after my wedding to be a Registered Nurse, all while so selflessly helping me plan every inch of this wedding… this woman is BEYOND words. She knows me SO well, and has taught me the beauty of learning your friends inside and out. She is as rare as they come in her compassion, her humour, and her determination, and she has shown me for more than half my life now what true, intentional, loving friendship looks like. I am SO excited for the incredible adventure she’s currently embarking upon, and cannot wait to see what God has in store for her next.

I will never stop investing in these friendships, and only pray that I can be the friend to each of these ladies that they deserve.

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