If you are unaware, this week is National Eating Disorders Awareness Week.

As my contribution, I wanted to link to some of my past posts, as well as some other blog posts, that I think bring important awareness to eating disorders for those who are unfamiliar with them.

Beauty Beyond Bones wrote a great article about NEDA’s “Come As YouAre” campaign.

Honestly, I really liked the campaign when I first saw it, because it depicts the truth: eating disorders are mental illnesses as much as they are physical ones. But this author makes some very important points that I completely agree with and think are incredibly relevant.

Another author writes about why she’s frustrated with NEDA Week, yet another article that my heart echoes, but also that challenged the calling I have personally felt to share my recovery.

That said, here is the link to my own updated post about my physical eating disorder recovery.

Almost four years ago, when I was blogging mostly about eating disorder recovery.

And, for anyone who may in the thick of recovery, here is one of the most tangibly helpful posts, by Julia Grigorian.

And finally, for anyone looking for what to say or not to say to a loved one struggling, here is a wonderful post for Elite Daily,

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