I believe it’s our generation’s sickness.
The need to be busy and the association with productivity and identity.
This past weekend, I got to go to my cottage with one of my amazing sisters and my amazing boyfriend.
Johnny, bless his heart, drove about nine combined hours so we could be at the cottage for just about 24 hours. And it was so worth it.

Not doing much but chillen on the beach, plus a solo canoe trip and a gorgeous hike, I wanted to be there simply to be there, my favourite place on my planet earth, one of Jesus’ simple gifts to my family.
And I heard lies about it being pointless. About missing out on work and money, etc.
But here’s the thing about the cottage.
God has always used to remind fickle me how constant He is.
When I’m there again for another summer, it’s always as if no time has passed. And yet Jesus has gone before me, and I am so small. But Him and His love alive in me?! SO BIG!

Jesus, Jesus, draw me back to the simplicity that is intimacy and relationship with YOU FIRST. Remind me that nothing is worth doing without You, and that my life is for You. Jesus, Jesus, I pray for more of your life giving Spirit in me. Thank you for being my rock, and for saying “I need only be still,” and know that yours is the fight (2 Chronicles 20:15).
Enjoy the rest of these cottage pics!

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