My uncle takes the most amazing photos of wildlife I’ve ever seen.
He has travelled to remote places just to capture rare birds from behind his lens. They could certainly be sold for hundreds of dollars with the sort of quality they possess. When I asked him, though, if he planned on selling them, his response was that selling them would take the fun out of it. It wouldn’t simply be art, but business. He’d give them away, sure, but didn’t need to sell them.
It made me think about “work,” and why we see our passions as less “fun” when we get paid for them.
Busier now than I’ve ever been before, I’ve recently thought about ceasing to blog, at least for a time. Convincing myself that focusing on work, which currently includes freelance writing for a software startup, and focusing on growing more clients, is more important.
While I want to focus on work and really enjoy what I do, I have realized the benefit that blogging is, not only, I hope and pray, for my readers, but for my own soul. Writing is, and has been since I can remember, one of my main passions, and this space is one that I created with calling and ambition, and also simply to create without any barrier. To write while listening to God. And when I sit to blog, maybe, like right now, with a good cup of tea, the whole world stops, and I could write forever.
So, in prayer and thought, since I am NOT burnt out from blogging, it is NOT something I plan to stop doing.
I also wanted to write today about the beautiful weekend that I saw Jesus work through and in as my boyfriend Johnny’s friend and his girlfriend, Jay and Jamie, came to visit us from Winnipeg for Canada Day.
We took Jay and Jamie to Toronto for one day, venturing to Ripley’s Aquarium and a TFC game, and Niagara Falls the next, for shopping, sightseeing, and sunsetting.
Our time together was full of¬†gratefulness. We were so overwhelmed with amazement in our God’s creation (the thousands upon thousands of fish in the aquarium), the smooth and unproblematic run of our weekend, despite some sicknesses amongst us, and just soaking in the opportunity to be together. Jamie is a woman whose friendship I am so blessed by, her relationship with God shining through in her love for all people, and her compassion and true joy. I was also so grateful to get to know Jay better, whose sense of humour and unwavering kindness and faith make him someone I feel as though I’ve known a long time.
These are the sweet weekends, days, moments that are so remembered and that so glorify God. They remind me of the importance of my work week, the importance of living each day for the glory of God, and the importance of being together in REST with friends.
As the work week continues, and today I spend some time with family and friends, as well as getting back into the work grind, I am refreshed and smacked “Gently” in the face by my God with the reality that life is so much better– only meaningful– when it’s lived with Him as my purpose, in His rightful, central position, in conversation with Him.

Verse page

” data-hasqtip=”0″>Psalm 55:14
We who had sweet fellowship together walked in the house of God in the throng.

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