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Today I am so excited to be sharing an article that I wrote for a beautiful magazine called LoveIsMoving.
When the wonderful creator of this magazine, Conor Sweetman, asked me to write for his magazine, all he prompted me was to write about how technology has impacted my faith.
In his “editor’s note,” Conor writes that three of the writers he prescribed this prompt to, myself included, began their articles by discussing the temptation to turn to one’s phone and social media first thing in the morning. I find this sheds such light on the heavy influence social media has on our generation.
For my full reflection on this, head here for my article! I also encourage you to check out the other articles in this issue, as there is so much amazing and impactful work.
If you enjoy/are encouraged by this piece, please share it! It is a message I definitely feel called to get out to the world.

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