Today, I am highlighting some of the most important lessons I’ve learned in life, influenced and inspired by one of the most significant people in my life, Beth Foster.
Not only is this beautiful girl one of the most gorgeous girls I’ve ever seen, that beauty lies within, too.
Top Five Lessons I’ve learned from this 22-year-old
5) There’s always time to stop and chat. Beth always has time for her friends. She constantly puts others first– even in the midst of finishing her last year of university and planning her wedding! Beth is sooo good at living in the moment, listening attentively, and meeting people where they’re at.
4) The truth may sting, but it’s the only thing worth talking about. Beth is one of the most trustworthy and honest people I’ve ever met, and it’s a trait I’ve thus grown to respect and grow in so much as being so significant to the Spirit of Jesus! Beth never sugarcoats anything, but always tells the truth. She prays for the truth and speaks it, and I know I am always receiving nothing but pure honestly when she talks to me. In this way, she has helped me countless times in a way that hit hard, but led to such freedom and understanding. She only ever speaks out of love.
3) Vulnerability is the place where healing is possible. Beth is also so real about her own struggles, even though I am always surprised to hear she has them! She is truly one of the most put-together people (and not *just* on Instagram– I live with her, I know!), but can also be broken, and will be because she knows prayer and encouragement through Jesus will bring healing. Meeting others in a vulnerable state also has helped me to be vulnerable with her, and with others that I trust, too.
2) Work ethic and drive go a long way. Beth is so determined, organized, and hard-working. One thing we relate on very much is our struggle to relax, but Beth takes this to such a height. She is go-go-go, and always working for the Lord’s glory. And it shows in the success and talent she so clearly possesses.
1) A relationship with Jesus is the most important part of life. Beth’s prayer life and relationship with Jesus flows in and through everything she does. She desires that His name be glorified, and she desires to know Him more every day, and that pursuit is so clear in who she is, how she lives, and her testimony.
Beth, on this your 22nd birthday, I am SO grateful to call you one of my best friends and sister. I love you ever so much, and can’t wait to celebrate many more birthdays. I know Jesus is only just getting started with how He needs to use you.

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