If you want to make my day and make me so excited, all you gotta do is ask me to go for breakfast and spend time in the sun. Basically the best thing to wake up to.
So, when my dear friend from Starbucks Ashlie asked me to go for a breakfast catch up and take photos in the sun for her portfolio, I was like HECK YES!
Starting the day with some time in God’s Word, then heading out with a kind, selfless friend for a hearty breakfast and a sunshine photo shoot made for a blessed Wednesday. All throughout the day, God put people on my heart and brought me near to Him in prayer, reminding me of His #1 position in my life, and so prayer made up a big portion of the beginning of my work day after time with Ashlie.
Work today consisted of WRITING! And more writing! I spent four hours on different projects, and am excited to share and announce some new ones soon. I know that writing is a gift that I’m meant to utilize and grow in, and I am blessed that it NEVER feels like work, but joy just overflows.
Homework came next. I’m in one online class for the summer called Comedy and Romance in Shakespeare, and I’m loving it! I worked on that class before taking a break to watch Masterchef, make dinner, and prep for Youth in the evening.
The opportunities God has blessed me with and used me for at youth at the church I’m serving I am so thankful for. Tonight, with the high school youth, I had the opportunity to to give the message tonight, which was all about the influence God calls each of us to have on those around us, and hopefully empowering students in that! It was such a wonderful night, and I can’t explain the special relationships I’ve been able to engage in with so many girls, and leaders alike. I so highly recommend working with students and mentoring.

I feel so blessed by so many people surrounding me– but I often feed off people and large groups. One of the most important lessons I’ve learned is putting God first and having contentment with no people and just Him. 

That’s all from me! I’ll post the notes from the sermon next week, and be sure to check back tomorrow for a new smoothie recipe from me that’s been percolating ;).
God, YOU are the ONLY THING constant in the chaos. Equip me with Your joy, strengthen me with Your Word, may I love others through Your Spirit. Amen.

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