Hi Friends!
I am excited to announce that I have written an article that will be featured on the beautiful magazine and blog, Love Is Moving. I am so honoured by this feature, as I have read so many impactful and moving pieces published by Love Is Moving.
And so today, I want to direct you to their site so you can read some for yourself!

Ever doubt your faith? In a place of wondering how someone could “be so sure?”
Check out Walking the Line of Doubt.
Interested in Youth Ministry? Revitalizing the Youth Group Ministry Model is for you.
Wondering about certain temptations? This article really puts them in perspective.
Feeling frustrated, even mournful, in a time of transition? Check out this post.
Think about God’s existence often, but wonder about suffering? This is a great read.
I would encourage you to keep up with Love Is Moving, as it’s a wonderful source of continued Truth and encouragement!

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