I am going on my fifth year of working in customer service, and entering my final year of my undergrad degree in English and Christian Studies. I am a very different person than I was before working and uni-ing, and I definitely believe for the better.
The top five things I’ve learned over the past four years:
1) Love trumps, period. So, being there for my friend trumps my to-do list. Laughter and spontaneity with friends trump watching Netflix. Having a conversation or connection with a customer trumps cutting orange slices or pouring mocha sauce or wiping a counter for the billionth time.
2) Routine is important. I just had an awesome conversation with my friend Josee about how, while routine has been a chaining, destructive coping mechanism for both of us, it is also one of our giftings, and something that, when given to God, is often necessary in our society in order to serve Him and serve others.
3) Quality over quantity. I have finally learned that I don’t want to do a billion tasks half-heartedly, but to do what I am doing with care, quality, and commitment. At the moment, I am taking on probably more than I’m called to be, and I acknowledge that. With a “spread too thin” summer, I know I need to alleviate some stress in order to serve without constantly feeling overwhelmed and busy.
4) Learning is such a blessing. I adore school. I love books. And I love learning. Absorbing information from previous theologians, thinkers– children of God– is the next best thing to me to absorbing the Word of God itself.
5) All jobs are about “customer service.” Whether dubbed a “customer service” profession or not, any meaningful job is about serving people, and, if I’m doing so in allegiance to God, that serving will be beneficial not only in the way of the material service, but the exchange will be fruitful in some way, too.

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