I wrote this poem on my break at work today when the Holy Spirit prompted awakening in me. My soul has been a little sleepy, but He never fails to alert me.
When we turn to His face, we understand.
When we look to His grace, we have a plan.
When I’m afraid I’m alone, I know He’s on the throne.
In the midst of my worry, I know He’s not in a hurry.
When I fall into routine, He always shakes up the scene.
He’s the beginning and the end; my maker and best Friend.
He knows me inside and out; He cleanses all my doubt.
He laughs when I try to hide; by His master plan my soul abides.
His Spirit is never going to fade, my daily life does He evade.
Oh Lord, in times of change, you keep me steady,
You are my purpose, with you I’m ready
to take on each day, from dusk to dawn,
to see each face as a child of God,
to live with drive, excitement, and anticipation,
knowing life is short for a reason; it’s only the beginning.
Only scratching the surface of His greater glory;
A glory He calls me to the fullness of now; He is my story.

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