I used to have a terrible case of “carrying around a trash can.”
I genuinely don’t know whether this will sound familiar to anyone, or if it’s just me. But I would throw all my crumpled receipts, after-dinner-mint wrappers, and ripped-off price tags to the bottom of my bag. It’s just one little wrapper, I would think, but before I knew it one wrapper was a pile of wrappers!
Some people seem to seamlessly and naturally keep their spaces tidy, but I am naturally more of a tornado when it comes to tidying small spaces.
For me, devising what goes in my bag and what doesn’t revolutionized how I feel, made things easier to find, and keeps me organized, often, I’ve realized, to the benefit of others!
Here is what I put in my purse:

  • Work agenda
  • Personal agenda
  • Wallet
  • Student card
  • Portable perfume
  • Lipstick/mascara/cover-up
  • Bracelet/ring
  • Deodorant
  • Pencil case
  • That’s it, with the exception of school books, laptop, chargers, or clothing items only as needed

It took only a little bit to get used to this new habit– of not throwing anything and everything into my purse as though it were a bottomless abyss. But it’s so worth it!
If you’re one of those people who naturally keeps their bag clean (I can hear you laughing at me Maddie) that’s great for you. But if your purse is currently a trash can, I hope you’re inspired to do a little spring cleaning!

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