My beautiful friend and Starbucks co-workers, Ashlie , decided to take some photos of me on the job. The photos inspired my work, and me to dwell on some of the things I absolutely adore about being a barista.
5. My co-workers inspire me.
If I’m having a particularly unmotivated day, or just feel like going through the motions, sometimes all it takes is a wonderful co-worker to motivate me, and remind me of what is truly important. For example, my wonderful co-worker Mason today slowed down every customer I saw him interact with, asking everybody how their day was, chatting with them as if they were long lost friends, and truly caring about each individual. I work with great people, and can learn something from everyone’s walk.
4. I’m passionate about coffee and food.
I dream of opening a coffee shop/eatery myself one day, and am very passionate about good quality coffee, food that is delicious and food that is healthy, and all the many types of lattes and espresso beverages that exist. It is truly an art!
3. I love making beverages and challenging myself to move more quickly without sacrificing taste and quality.
Coffee is an art; literally a visual art, as baristas can create designs with their milk in the espresso, and an art in learning exactly how espresso works. I have so loved learning how to make all Starbucks’ standard beverages, creating combos of my own, and improving upon my ability and skill on the bar.
2. I love the atmosphere, and am passionate about the community feel of coffee.
Sometimes I will just glance over the espresso machines at the cafe and smile over the full room of conversations, studiers, and laughter; first dates (my first date with Johnny was in a Starbucks!) and business meetings. I love that people can come together over a good cup of coffee.
1.My customers inspire me. IMG_9269
There is nothing like having your day made by a person whose path you never would have crossed without the connection of coffee. I seek to see all those I interact with through the Lord’s eyes– as His beloved children.

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