This conversation came up for me multiple times today.
A conversation that involved the words, When we least expect it.

I woke this morning having slept a little later than I wanted to. I had told Autumn I would wake her and we would make breakfast together early, but I was a little late for that. We still got ready together in the morning, but not before I stumbled into a hand-scrawled note at the foot of my door.
Cass, I know you need a printer today, but that you were gonna go to the school cuz you didn’t want to wake me to use mine. I put it in the living room, please use it!
It was from Madds, and the little bit of thoughtfulness made me want to cry. We had a long prayer session last night, when I least expected it. I have been so busy lately and sometimes worldly anxieties try to say, “You don’t need group prayer.” But oh, Jesus knows that’s when we need to be hearing from Him most.
This morning I printed off my longest (and most complicated!) essay of my English major thus far to hand in to my prof, as well as my updated resume. I headed to downtown Kitchener to drop off my resume at a local coffee shop I’ve admired since it opened years ago… and the manager asked me straightaway if I’d like to interview for the position.
Not expecting that.
“Absolutely” was my response, and I was so excited and anxious. With a prayer that Jesus would guide, I interviewed for the spot and had such a wonderful conversation with the talented owner.
After the interview, I headed just up the street to meet my beautiful friend Kathryn, who I haven’t seen in much too long. Our coffee catch up was long overdue and much needed, and I praise the Lord for Kathryn in seeing the genuine healing that has taken place in her life. She is such a special, sweet, beautiful human.
To check out Kathryn’s blog, head here.
After coffee with Kathryn, I headed to meet some girls for a study session for my exam tomorrow.
These are two girls in one of my English classes who just simply out of the goodness of their heart have sent me notes, gone out of their way to encourage me, and invited me to prep for the exam with them. Not whatsoever expected of them, but out of their way. Studying with them, I feel so much more prepared for this exam. We talked about relationships and they asked me about “how I found mine.” I think they often happen when you’re not really looking, I said. It’s true that I met Johnny when I least expected to, that’s for sure.
After the study session, I headed home to beautiful roommates. All of us a little stressed, and a few of us confused about some big next steps, frustrated with hard work and no certainty of what’s next– my roommate Mary said something profound: “Jesus so often works in the last minute.”
The unexpected. In the midst of overwhelm, I know Jesus has gone before me. And it’s all for His sake, my life devoted to Him.
After a bit more studying, I headed out to teach a hip hop class at what I was told was a ” kids’ health fair.” I was hired to teach a 20 minute condensed version of one my the classes I regularly teach.
What I didn’t expect was a public school full of people of all ages, excited to learn hip hop.
I had about 10 minutes to think on my feet, pray, and rework my workshop to make it applicable to all ages at all levels. It was also by far the largest class I’ve ever had.
And by God’s Grace, it went so well, and it seemed everyone had so much fun, including myself. I had honestly been stressed about the little class for no reason at all– and also kindly was paid my regular dance salary for an hour plus a bonus.
[wpvideo fyFuyQzM ]
I choreographed this all-ages-friendly routine last year, and felt very grateful to have it in my back pocket;).
Talking to the Lord about all these little moments of the unexpected, I am reminded that I wasn’t called to expect of myself, to make the rules, or call the shots. I was called to obey, to expect God’s greatness, and to prepare for it. He is teaching us along the way, and it’s a joyful, often spontaneous ride of service to a mighty, loving Lord.

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