Different things in terms of routine work for different people and lifestyles.
I have found that having a small routine every morning works really well for me, and sets me up for the day. It incorporates a few things I suck at doing right away that ultimately make me feel so much better, and enable me to pour into others because I’ve been poured into, myself.
Bible before phone. “Jesus before anything else,” I remember. Sometimes I wake up and just call His name, and thank Him for being the first person I get to see every day! Naturally, why would I ignore His presence in my room? So I talk to Him, I pray, and I study and read the Bible first thing— and have made it a habit to do so before picking up my phone. Awhile ago I would scroll through social media first thing in the morning, and I don’t think I ever truly realized the negative impact that had on my mentality. But adhering to the truth has helped me; why would I want the first thing I see in the morning to be images of others’ lives when God can help me instead to see why He’s called me to this one?
Up and dressed and make-up. The very next thing I do is get up and choose an outfit for the day. If I’m going to the gym early that day (I’m flexible with workouts depending on my schedule for that day) I’ll get changed into workout gear first thing. Otherwise, my motivation for getting out of bed comes from the fun of picking out an outfit! I’ll go and start my make-up and put my contacts in right after that.

Finally, I make breakfast, and answer emails and texts. I usually have a slue of work emails, texts, and blog comments to reply to, and having this time every day to do so ensures they aren’t piling up. I set my laptop out in the living room, often with some of my other roomies already up and studying, and reply to them whilst eating breakfast. I always make a hearty breakfast— usually banana peanut butter pancakes, or different combos of oatmeal, and it’s almost always a sweet food— and a good coffee.
I give myself a whole three hours just for this routine, so I don’t feel rushed, so I can just talk to the Holy Spirit before immersion in the busy world, and so I’m properly nourished. I really cherish my mornings, and enjoy them.
Do you have a morning routine?

If not, what might work for you?

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