Save Money on Starbucks (tips from a barista)

We’ve all paid more than we hoped to for a delicious coffee.

Watched the till climb from 5.25 to 6.99 for that soy, pump of raspberry, and extra espresso shot.

What if I told you there are ways to order still delicious drinks for sometimes half the price?

Read on to find out how to make your favourite Starbucks fix a little less damaging to your bank account.


If you love caramel macchiatos…

Order an upside down vanilla americano misto Cali style. You’ll get an extra shot of espresso and save money for essentially just a bit less milk.

If you love passion tea lemonades…

Order an iced passion tea, no lemonade. It’s still sweetened– and, in my opinion, quite sweet– but you’ll end up with a substantially cheaper drink just because you’re omitting a splash of lemonade. Try subbing the classic syrup for raspberry at no extra charge for a fun flavour.

If you love our smoothies…

Ask for extra ice and poured into a venti cup. The smoothie recipe almost always makes for more smoothie than a grande, and with extra ice, it fills the cup perfectly.

If you love frappuccinos and whipped cream…

Order a tall size frappuccino, poured in a grande cup with extra whip. Whip is free of charge, so this is a way to get more bang for your buck, especially if you’re one of those people that orders puppaccinos…. for yourself…

If you’re a grande coffee with triple cream triple sugar kind of person…

Order a tall coffee in a grande cup, topped with your desired dairy. The cold dairy is also essentially free, so if you like lots of it in your beverage, you’re probably paying more than you should be!

If your go-to is an iced latte…

Make it an iced coffee with milk and your desired flavour. Or order it black, topped up with milk and sugar, if you’re good with that.

If you drink cool limes and very berries…

Get more bang for your buck by ordering your drink with no water and light ice. Oh, and hate the way the berries clog your straw and just get bitter by the end of the drink? Just order your drink without them!



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