Hi, fellow Golden Hawks!
Today I want to direct your attention to an important voting system within our school– for student leaders within various bachelor groups. My bachelor is in the Arts, and I am urging you, if you are an Arts undergrad at Laurier, to vote Adina for the Arts internal president.
Here are her promises, taken directly from her website:

– I will get AUS to expand and be much more diverse with the students that volunteer their time. This means students from different arts programs. I believe this will help enhance their experience at Laurier while also helps unite the arts programs together.

– I want film studies students and artists of all kinds a part of AUS more, along with other arts programs that feel less represented. I believe these programs can contribute creatively. AUS needs creativity in order to inspire and prepare arts students for the future! 

– I will bring more events which means more social time for arts students. This will help students enhance their social lives and make friends on campus. I want to also provide the arts student body with opportunities to do academically better such as workshops and guests that can empower students.

– I will introduce more blogging, more social media posts and more contests so that students feel they are gaining from AUS, whether it be knowledge or a short break from studies.

– I will reach out to incoming Laurier students so that they feel less disoriented and feel much more welcomed. I believe incoming students are the future just as much as students in their senior years but this does not mean I will forget about senior year students! I want to be able to share opportunities with incoming students so they feel they are building their future! 

– I will manage the budget fairly so that all clubs under AUS and including AUS feel that their needs are met.

– I will get the name out about AUS effectively so that AUS grows each year rather than getting forgotten about!

Vote Creative, Vote Adina

Honestly, I have never, since being in university, voted within any student elections. But I know and have experienced that every vote counts, and I urge you to put the time and effort into your degree and school and cast a vote for a genuine, humble leader who cares deeply about this school and her program!
Check your Laurier email and click “click here to vote” on the email from the Students’ Union to vote now!
Photos by Ashlie Reid

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