On Wednesdays, I sleep in.
These days, Wednesdays are the only day of the week I don’t set an alarm. I don’t have class until 2:30, so unless I book a meeting or plan to hang out with friends in the morning, I use the late start to the day as an opportunity to catch up on sleep.
This morning, when I woke, I cleaned my room, caught up on emails, and spent some time in the Word and with Jesus before I got up and made peanut butter banana pancakes for breakfast. Probably my all time favourite breakfast, by the way. Only thing that could improve it would be chocolate chips.
I had those with my coffee and lots of chocolate almond milk alongside reading and studying until lunch, and then off to campus.
Starting the day at 11:30ish, and then being on campus from 2:30-5:30 (so, at this time of year, until nighttime) makes for a very short-feeling day! I had two great classes in which I received some good marks back on assignments, which definitely gave me the confidence I needed going forward this semester. It is certainly the most difficult term of school I’m had yet, but, also in terms of coursework, most exciting and engaging.
After school, I ate a quick packed dinner and headed straight to meet my wonderful friends, Ani and Semara, to head to Youth.
Ani and Semara are some of the greatest blessings of my job at Creekside church. Two girls a year older than me, we have so much in common and hit it off immediately when we met. There are a total of seven leaders at high school youth that are in university, and so, as part of my job, something I’ve been praying about has been integrating an outside-of-church hangout group for those leaders, so that we’re able to bond and to get to know each other, and breathe life into each other’s endeavours as youth leaders and in making breakthroughs with the kids. I’m so excited about getting to know these fellow leaders better, and their walks with God!
Pastor Nat spoke in his sermon about what a particular book of the Bible, Revelation, might mean for us now. And he talked a lot about our motives, in and through the way we’re living, sharing an anecdote from his own life in which the Lord spoke to him about how he’d been living for his own reputation, and not for Jesus’. What things are we compromising for living as Jesus would have us? “It’s better to die for God than to live for anything/anyone else.”
God spoke such a clear word to me during this message, and I have been praying about it since. It was one of the first revelations I’ve had of God so tenderly meeting me in just what I needed to hear, but maybe thought I was afraid to hear. He made something that yesterday might have seemed scary, seem like such obvious Truth. Thank-you, LORD JESUS! May I not be unchanged, but turn to You in this revelation to serve You! 
Home and exhausted, I am reminded by my Father of the importance of expectancy of His work, His personhood, and His goodness each and every day; prayer that HE is the only voice I concern myself with.

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