The first time I coloured my hair I was in 12th grade, and wanted a change. This was three years ago now, when the ombré look was all people wanted.

It was hard to maintain, and my hair didn’t want to go the ashy, light blonde I wanted– it wanted to go yellow.
Then I was like, I’m going to get highlights and go totally blonde!

This was hair I really liked at the time, but that would also very quickly go yellow, and I used only drug store purple shampoo that dried it out. I thought the solution was to go even blonder!

For a little bit, I maintained this ashy colour, but my hair had never been so knotty and dry, and it again went yellow.
After two years of initially going blonde, I decided to revert back to my roots.

With this caramel balayage! Which was so hard to get used to, but did wonders for the texture of my hair. I got this toned a few times to maintain it, but decided I’d only go to the hair dresser twice a year.

It wasn’t long before I missed the blonde, though, and I got a balayage done again:

This was the best to maintain by far, done by my wonderful friend Morgan, and I loved it! But for winter, and to feel more like myself, next time I saw her I asked her to take me dark again.

Perhaps the strangest change to get used to, but definitely the most I’ve felt like myself. And I’ve added some fun highlights thanks to Morgan too.

If you’re wondering about colouring your hair, consider:

  • Can I afford what I really want?
  • Can I afford the upkeep/is it worth it?
  • Look into the salon or stylist’s products used and read reviews on them before going

Ultimately, I feel best when I feel like me. But hair can be so much fun, and I love supporting local stylists!

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