Sweet Treat. I’ve had a couple intense ice cream cravings already this month– weird, since it’s getting so cold here— but my absolute favourite ice cream is dairy-free Ben and Jerry’s PB and Cookies. I had a movie night last night with some of my besties, and Daniella brought this pint for me. Chunks of Oreo and peanut butter, y’all.

For a less expensive treat, I love making “mochas” by brewing half a mug of coffee (I like Starbucks blonde K Cups), and frothing half a cup of almond milk with cocoa and stevia and vanilla and a pinch of salt. Mmmm so comforting!
Book. Now that I only have one exam left– I kind of can’t believe it– I’m READING! Currently working my way through the works of T. Austin Sparks as Christian material, and John Green’s Turtles as light fiction.

Movies. I’m all in the Christmas spirit this season, and have watched two “real people” movies so far:”The Holiday,” and “Love, Actually.” But I’ve been feelin like some Home Alone might be necessary… and the 1964 classics Rudolph, Little Drummer Boy, and Frosty the Snowman.
Christmas Gifts. I’ve been focused on buying fair Trade gifts this year; keeping more educated on where the things I’m buying are coming from. I’m doing a lot of gift cards to coffee shops for friends, in effort to have quality time with them; plus lots of fun stocking stuffers, devotionals, clothes, etc. My boyfriend’s gift is a little more creative, but I can’t share that here😉. Speaking of– he is home for Christmas in 3 DAYS.

Black Pantsuits. Fluffy Coats.Blazer with Hopdie.
To Do. While I suck at it, I definitely want to challenge myself to go skating this winter. I blessedly get to spend the rest of the month with Johnny, and so we have plans to go to one of my dad’s hockey games, family plans for Christmas, a board game night or two with friends, movie nights… feeling called to rest right now, always in Him, and so in that rest may my focus be His glorification alone.

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