This morning started early as I edited my boyfriend’s essay before working on essays of my own.
I love editing grammar, and reading essays for the sake of improving them. It also sometimes helps me, I think, when I feel like there are no more essays in my brain. I cannot write another essay, I’ll often think when I finish a 15 page one for English, having raked it for errors. And then I write another essay. Writing takes up a lot of my time, actually, from blogging to schoolwork to emails and texts, I write and also engage with and for people, FOR Jesus, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
But lately I’ve recognized a thinning out of myself, getting to a point of being too busy and overwhelmed that different engagements can be draining. I used to be poor at saying no, knowing when I couldn’t take something on, and I feel as if I’ve gotten better– but recognizing my exhaustion, and that I cannot be a light to every single person in the world, nor is that my purpose.
I was reminded of this this past Monday, when I felt stressed about missing class but the opportunity to see the amazing gift from God in my life, who has changed my life, Josee, arose, my beautiful friend Jacqueline and I drove to see her. And nothing could have topped the multitude of mountains Jesus moved in this single blessed day together.

So. This morning when Daniella texted me, I knew I wanted to see her and spend time with her. Even though I felt other demands pressing, I know time with friends is sometimes the most important thing. So I had coffee with Daniella before my three hours of English class this afternoon, and what a perfect start to the day!
Classes were good, and I’ve been surprised by my ability to keep up and maintain a good GPA. I definitely have Jesus to thank for providing focus, clarity, and passion in the midst of the busiest season of my entire life.
I made dinner and chipped away at an essay after class before heading off to work, where I ran into Bethany, one of my best friends, on the bus. Both of us relented that we had just been thinking of each other, so it was the perfect catch up, as my Starbucks is right by her house.
Work was great, and I find my shifts at Starbucks to be more and more of an inviting break, a place I know what I’m doing, love who I work with, and get to just encounter new customers and interactions. It’s fun.

Closing means taking home a million day-olds (that are really good for at least a week).
So much selflessness portrayed in my day: my shift supervisor refused to let me take the bus home, and proceeded to drive me.
Where I came home to my precious roommate Autumn, having had a violin concert tonight, hanging with her dad, who she doesn’t get to see very often but loves so so much and talks about so often. Autumn’s love of her family is such a special and rare thing. I’m blown away by her.
Tomorrow I’m giving the teaching to my junior high youth, so I’m working on that a bit with Jesus before I head to bed, praising His name and exalting Him all in all.

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  1. Your posts make me smile Cassie! There’s always something you have to offer to anyone in need of some encouragement, or reasons to be thankful. Keep on doing what you were created to do, love you very much!

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