I love carrots. I used to hate them.
I also love sweet potatoes. I also used to hate them.
I also love both of them most with either hummus or peanut butter. Ahh, easily one of my favourite snacks.
Of course, both of these orange veggies are delicious when fried and seasoned. And I have an easy recipe to fry them up that will impress you and your friends. Serve them with garlicky hummus, peanut sauce, or chipotle mayo for dipping!

Carrot or Sweet Potato Fries


1 large carrot, peeled cut into thin matchstick slices (or 1 sweet potato, peeled and cut into matchstick slices)

2 tsps sugar

1 tsp salt

Grapeseed oil


1. Coat your orange veg in sugar and salt.

2. Pour oil about 2 inches deep into a frying pan. Heat over high heat, until oil just starts to simmer; reduce to medium. Fry carrots or potato slices in batches. Keep in pan until slices rise to the top of the oil; remove from pan with slotted spoon.

3. Serve hot with dipping sauce of choice and enjoy!

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