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When I was a little child, I took this verse much more simply than I do now. In many ways, that was simply because I hadn’t experienced much tangible conviction on “eating or drinking or other doing” that was not glorifying to God. This verse simply meant, “yes I will pray before meals and thank Jesus for food; I will dine simply and gratefully and that is about that!”
Now, older and aware of convictions and how eating and drinking and “whatever I am doing” could not be glorifying to God, I hear this passage and cry out, “Father, let my life be submitted to You wholly. May it be Your Spirit working in me, Father. I pray for Your love and reverence and nothing but You working in me, so that when I eat and when I drink and every other moment of my time on earth is consumed by You; THEREFORE, that I am loving You with my whole heart and FIXED on You; and loving my neighbours as myself. As myself. Knowing that I am precious only because I am a temple of Your goodness, Lord, a vessel through which You work.
Eating and drinking are often talked about in the Bible.
They can easily become idols, whether in thought or deed, as can any other substance or person in this world.
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This is why I pray now a blessing over the release of this book. That those who make the recipes would be moved by the Spirit’s Word on the back cover. That those who cook would have fun, enjoy the gift that is from God in food, and enjoy serving others. That the stories and personal anecdotes would glorify Him in telling only positive stories of fellowship over food that do glorify Him.

That no condemnation in food, no rules and food, and no disorder in food brought about by the enemy would have any place in or around this book.
I pray it all in Jesus’ name, Amen.
Let me know what you get up to in the kitchen!

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