“When are you free?”
“Hm, two Thursdays from now from 1:15-2pm?”

…okay, so this is a bit of an exaggeration. But it feels like the basis of many of my conversations with friends and colleagues. Everyone is BUSY, in ways they cannot help.

Jesus would never call you to be “too busy” to spend time at His feet.

So important, because without Him we can’t do anything worth doing, simply because our lives are for Him.
This morning, awake in the Word and prayer, I felt the tasks I knew were at hand for the day fight for my attention. To do to do to do. 

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” MATTHEW 11:28

Rest that He calls us to. Rest that is a “fill-up.” That is the basis of all energy.
Ah, Lord Jesus, THANK-YOU for Your Spirit that refreshes.
I head out of my bedroom to do some cleaning, listen to music with my fellow roomies while making and photographing a recipe for the cookbook. Chocolate Chip Breakfast Cookie. Yup.
After getting some homework done, doing some prep work for Bible study, and lunch, I headed off to class, where I was pleasantly surprised to find one of my good friends, Beniah, was now in both of my English lectures. Catching up with Beniah was the highlight of both classes, although I love the classes, too.
Straight after three hours of class, I headed off to my Starbucks store for an evening shift. I made approximately 50 pumpkin spice lattes, among many other drinks. It is always so much fun, and I truly find it a relaxing period. I love chatting with customers and my incredible co-workers, too.
Home, and where did the day go? Finishing the night with some more school work, and thanking the Lord that He remains in constant conversation with me and draws me to Him.
Lord, may my heart be only every synced with yours. 

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