Sometimes it is hard to be energetic and alert, especially at work.
Do we agree?
The only person/thing/healer/restorer of energy is JESUS.
But I am endlessly amazed by the natural physical healers He has provided on this earth. Here, some God-given energy providers that really work.
Cinnamon. Cinnamon naturally helps to control the state of your blood sugar! How amazing! I love it sprinkled on coffee or in oatmeal.
Oregano. This cancer-fighting herb is amazing fresh or dried in spaghetti or on pizza.
Echinacea. Remember those lollipops you got in the doctor's office? Echinacea root naturally improves the flow of oxygen transport capacity within red blood cells, which of course boosts your whole stamina.
Ginseng. This herb is a popular tea, and has been shown to increase stamina and speed of motion.
Maca. A newly popular herb mostly found in powder, this caramel-tasting herb is delicious in smoothies and other chocolatey sweets. Not only does it promote hormone function in both men and women, that hormone regulation boosts mood and performance.
Cilantro and Parsley together are easy ways to get a ton of Vitamin C, which, amazingly, rids the body of free radicals that cause inflammation and flair ups caused by entrance of things foreign to it. Inflammation causes fatigue and digestive distress, so Vitamin C counteracts this.
Paprika. This spice has been shown to induce alertness.
Chia Seeds. A small amount of chia seeds is rich in fibre, which is vital for keeping you going.
Salmon. This iron-rich protein keeps your tank full and provides lasting physical energy.

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