Happy Tuesday July 25th! I can't believe we are nearing the end of this month. Summer is quickly disappearing, which brings big changes to my life and routine again, some happy and some sad, but all to the glory of Jesus Christ.

If you missed my last post, be sure to check it out. Today I thought I'd clarify my personal opinion of the top ten attractions in NYC.

Broadway. My family and I saw Wicked, and while it's the only broadway show I've ever seen and thus have nothing to compare it to, I recommend you see THIS ONE. It blew my expectations out of the water in every way.

Biking Central Park. We rented bikes and got almost 3 hours worth of biking around the iconic park. It is complete with tons of food stands, runners and joggers, and other bikers; friendly faces and dog walkers, art sellers and buskers. It even has a water park, as well as several restaurants and a John Lennon memorial! I have never so much enjoyed a bike ride!

Carmine's. This Italian restaurant in the heart of Times Square serves delicious pastas of every kind you could dream of, all family style with free garlic bread. I had a white wine shrimp linguine that was almost as good as the pasta at Daniella's in Boston.
Rockefeller Centre. A trip to the top of the Rockefeller Centre, where Jimmy Fallon records his Late Show, served as the perfect view of the entire city.

OatMeals. My family would disagree with you, but I have been excited about visiting this build-your-own oatmeal cafe for years, as I learned that someone else understands how delicious and versatile this food is! My only regret is that the owner was not in when we visited… but my peanut butter banana bacon oatmeal was to die for.

Ferry to Staton Island. This free ferry boat served as a beautiful scenic trip both to and from the peaceful Staton Island. We had dinner right on the lake at a seafood grill place which served delicious crispy salmon. We ferried back at nighttime, getting the perfect view of the city all aglow.
By Chloe. The famous By Chloe all vegan restaurant lived up to the hype! We could barely get a seat even though we went for a lunch at 2:30. The beet ketchup was probably my favourite part of the experience.

The Brooklyn Bridge. Another gorgeous site seeing moment, walking along this famous bridge was breathtaking.

Edison Hotel. Our hotel, the building Thomas Edison first implemented electricity in, was full of history and right in the heart of Times Square. It was the perfect location.
Greenwich Village. You can dedicate days to touring this gorgeous part of the city, which is full of hole in the wall cafes and pubs, vintage stores, and museums.
The 9/11 Memorial. An absolute must-see.

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