This morning I woke after a sleepover with my dear friend Jacqueline bright and early at 6:45am to prepare for work and for Jacq’s interview for a new and exciting job.
Jacqueline and I had spent the night before catching up, sharing what the Lord has been doing in our lives, and revelling in the fact that, just by sharing in His body, we are so close-knit and sisterly in our relationship. His Spirit is so tangibly working in Jacqueline and I adore just being with her.
We got ready and enjoyed a breakfast date at my Starbucks before I started work early for a sick co-worker. I worked an 8 hour shift, taking advantage of my breaks to fuel my ever-hungry-still-recovering body (for a great resource for anyone physically recovering, check out Julia’s post). I love working, and got to talk to both familiar and new customers while surrounded and working with incredible people, too.
After my shift, I was blessed to have plans with Kenya, my beautiful co-barista-hirer. This lovely lady and I did our Starbucks training together over a year ago, and I now cannot really picture my life without her! Her genuine selflessness and humility, and care for all others are traits that so very much set her apart and make her such an inspiration.
We did homework and caught up together, making each other both laugh and cry. While scrolling online, I came across the trailer for the new and thoroughly talked about Netflix movie To the Bone, and while watching it didn’t trigger me, it certainly made me emotional. “I saw that earlier today,” Kenya said, “I was hoping you would never see it.”
Again, I really agree with Julia based on the trailer– I think I was just rather shocked watching it, because already it depicted a very real flashback of my own life, so it seems. One that, in and through Jesus Christ, I am dead to, “putting off the old woman” (Ephesians 10:12-15), serving Him and serving food rules is impossible (Matt 6:24). And “trying” to do so would lead nowhere. DID, I can attest, lead nowhere.
Kenya was such a support and encouragement as I talked to her about the emotions that came up watching the video, and we snacked and drank coffees together and talked about the future and the past, this life and beyond.
And since I have just been at home– listening to a sermon, sampling my little sister’s baked goods, catching up on Masterchef, spending time with my momma– praising the Lord for another day through which He has taught me and promised to work all things together for His good (Romans 8:28).

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