God placed all things under his feet and appointed him to be head over everything for the church, which is his body, the fullness of him who fills everything in every way. EPHESIANS 1:42

I will never understand how anyone’s taste buds can be pleased when they encounter an olive.
I have certainly never detested a food so much. Putting them on pizza? Who would ruin a pizza as such? Worse– popping them as a snack? HOW?!
Rather than the statement “olives are disgusting” being a “half-truth,” that is an opinion. The idea that something can be “half true” is a lie, simply foolish.
Therefore, something that is true is entirely different from something that is opinion. If Jesus Christ died for our sins because He so loved the world, promised us everything necessary for life and godliness, promised that, if we abide in His Holy Spirit we will understand our need for Him and He will guide us and work in us, then it is True. It is not “half-true,” or true sometimes, or “true when it’s convenient to us.” He is not present in only some moments/lives, ie. when bold worship music is playing or an excellent preacher is praying or prophesying or for only certain people in His CreationWhat a prideful idea, that Jesus is the God and Creator of some people, but not of “such-and-such religion, for who I am to say they’re wrong?” 
Of course, we are not anyone to “say anyone else is wrong.” But we stand by what is true, and eternally true: The victory is already won by Jesus, and His Spirit holds us steadfast to this great victory and lives the Christ-life through us.
And His Spirit through Paul speaks that we are the fullness of Him. He isn’t a “half-spirit.” He doesn’t call us to settle for a “half-life.” He calls to die to our humanness completely so that we can perfectly see His glory, to know that HE IS the miracle and love His light and beauty more than anything in this world, knowing that He bears His nature in us and through us, that that is the purpose of our lives that are otherwise “just grass.” So short. A snap.
And He already loves you. Exactly as you are. The call to repentance, to His presence, to speak to Him comes with responsibility, but the only one that results in understanding why. 
Jesus cannot be half-true, and I refuse to live like He is. And His Spirit, when it is in me, doesn’t let me. So why would I turn to something else, ever?
Because I want a quick fix? “Patient endurance is what you need for His promises will be fulfilled.” (Hebrews 8:36).
Because I want peace, so I’ll try yoga or “meditation”? “His Holy Spirit is the fruit of peace” (Galatians 5:22).
Because I want to be seen and praised by others? If you want to save your life (preserve it from self-denial; live to fulfill your own interests), you will lose it. But if you lose your life for the sake of Christ (that is, losing it in the sense of self-denial, which may or may not include literal martyrdom), you will save it, both now and for eternity. (Luke 9:24).
Jesus is the ruler of our hearts, perfect Creator, Father, and friend. If HE IS IT, am I going to “sell my birthright,” sell my privilege to bearing the Creator’s name. 
If my life is consumed by health food, it is going to show in my life more than Jesus Christ is because it is what I worship and am consumed by.
If I am worshipping the idea of sex, my life will be seen as such because I will talk about and joke about and lust over this actually godly institution of His glory.
If I am worshipping Jesus Christ, my life will be seen as such because I am worshipping my true God, and not any God– but a Lord who works in and through His children. Who says, “I’ve got great things in store for you. I know the plans that I have for you.”
Christ will deliver us. He is delivering us.
Have you ever recognized your weakness? Bring it to Christ. He wants you to live by His Strength. And that is not half-true or sometimes true. It is The Truth.

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