Some people prefer thin smoothies to thick ones.
These people are not to be trusted.
I’m kidding. Sort of.
I decided to create a recipe for a thinner smoothie for the blog, just for those people, because thin ones will not be included in my cookbook. You will, however, find my secrets for the perfectly thick, ice-cream like breakfast smoothies that can be eaten with a spoon and are best topped with something crunchy and crumbly. Like granola (or a brownie– why not?).
This morning, I had my friend Maddie here, and I wanted to make a delicious and creative breakfast for us to share, and came up with these smoothie bowls. I measured some ingredients, for the sake of the blog, but then ended up adding bits more of everything– so the list below is a complete guesstimate. Basically, experiment according to your taste and texture liking! Enjoy!

Funky Monkey Smoothie Bowl
Recipe serves 2
2 1/2 large bananas, frozen and chopped in chunks
1/3 cup cacao powder
1 cup goats milk yogurt (or regular, full-fat yogurt)
1/2 cup chocolate almond milk (or any milk you prefer)
2 spoonfuls peanut butter
large spoonful maple syrup
1 date, chopped
About a spoonful of chocolate protein powder
Desired toppings!

  1. Place all ingredients in a blender and blend on high speed until thick and smooth. Freeze if desired.
  2. Split into bowls and top with whatever your heart desires! I used peanut butter granola, more peanut butter, dates, Cheerios, and frozen mixed berries.

Breakfast dates are probably my favourite kind of dates– and they’re easy to do at home! Once in a while, my favourite treat is going to a cafe or breakfast spot and dining there with good coffee and sweet, dessert-y food, but there’s nothing like relaxing with a treat at home and good company and morning prayer.
Signing off for the weekend– Have a blessed weekend, friends!

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