Starbucks Drink. In the winter, I can never imagine craving an iced coffee. But as soon as summer comes around, it’s the greatest! My go-to drink on my barista breaks is an iced americano (can be ordered decaf), with almond milk, 1 pump of mocha and 1 pump of toffee nut. YUM.
Outfit. I am loving off-the-shoulder tops. So classy, breezy, and comfy!
Adventure. I have ventured to three different locations with waterfalls and gorgeous, natural hiking, and I already can’t get enough. What a miraculous gift of the Lord!
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Place. My favourite place on the planet, my second home, is my cottage. I am already so homesick for it and so excited to be there.
Project. Working on a cookbook with real, crafted, and tested recipes has been one of the greatest and most fun projects I could dream of. I feel so called to the sorts of “normal,” what-your-grandparents-grew-up-on recipes and love growing in my cooking ability.
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Word. I am so immensely blessed to have been given a series of sermons, or messages, from Johnny that he has saved from his time at a Bible college. I am just beginning going through them, grateful for the challenge of studying this Word that is “everything” in the midst of everyday life.
Goal. This summer, I am saving as much money as possible! I’m the type of person that cringes spending money on a $2 coffee (“I could have made that for free at home)! I actually feel lately I’ve taken that to a new level in which I’m overly stressed about it– it is all the Lord’s money, period, and I am giving any worry over to the Spirit for His purposes.
Book. My sweet, dear friend Sara got me a book called “How it All Started,” written by the CEO of Starbucks. I’m so excited to read it!
Work Goal. Silly as it seems, I really want to become a master at coffee art. It’s one of those little hobbies I’ve always wanted to perfect, and I love making people smile when I hand of a latte with a design on top!
Blessing. Having Johnny here and growing in Christ with him is such a blessing and exactly where I feel called.
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