One of the world’s worst feelings: waking up and realizing you’ve slept in.
That was me this morning. I woke up to the time 7:12am and the automatic sinking realization that my shift at work had started 12 minutes before. Crap. Why didn’t my alarm go off?!
No time to answer that question as I threw on the first clothes I saw, brushed my teeth, and rushed out the door after calling work. My manager and shift supervisors are some incredibly sincere and thoughtful people– I am very blessed to work in such an understanding and compassionate environment– though I certainly felt crappy coming in, knowing how late I was. 
I set my mind to having a great shift, though not too many things seemed to be going right. I missed signals from my fellow baristas about stocking, I brewed coffee out of order, and I just felt exhausted and groggy, knowing I needed to focus but struggling to do so. Lord, I pray for Your love and energy through me that I might stop stressing about the fact that I slept in and be in the present so I can serve You.
When my shift ended, I had plans with a fellow barista for coffee, and boy was this ever a gift from the Lord! Vanessa and I talked without breathing for 2 or 3 hours– all about our glorious Lord Jesus, and what He has done and is doing in our lives. Praise Him for bringing Vanessa and I together at work! May our friendship be to His glory alone.
We later met up with Kenya, the barista I trained with and who is like an older sister to me. We all caught up and went to a beautiful trail area nearby.

It is amazing what the Spirit does and reveals in the midst of His nature. Kenya, Vanessa and I all definitely felt rejuvenated and at peace. 
By the time I got home it was dinner hour, and Johnny came over after work so we could spend some time together. Johnny is my best friend, and we are happy doing nothing together– at the same time, he’s the person I want to do everything with, to share everything with, and to grow with. We had dinner with my fam and watched MasterChef. 

I am now spending some time in prayer and my Father’s Word before quite tiredly heading to bed. Reminded by the Lord that He is sovereign over all– my sleeping and my waking, my life devoted to Him. And I give it all to Him, rejoicing!

Indeed, we felt we had received the sentence of death. But this happened that we might not rely on ourselves but on God, who raises the dead. 2 CORINTHIANS 1:9

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