Being a blogger has taught me a lot.
Or, I should say, other bloggers, and God, have used this practice to teach me a lot.
I entered the field with a plan in mind that in many ways simply fulfilled a rather arbitrary purpose in my head. Here are some of the things I have learned along the way– heed these tips if you’re thinking about starting a blog yourself! 
Don’t Blog For You. Well, not just for you. Blog for your readers, and have an intended audience. As cassie, compiled. refines itself as the Lord refined my heart, I am still trying to figure that out. In many ways, I feel called to reach those struggling with eating disorders; on the other hand, I’m considering switching over to an entirely recipe blog. This leads me to my next point;
Be Honest and Authentic. Even if I switch to simply recipes on here– which would naturally make this blog less personal– being personal and true to who you are is relatable and what readers want.

Don’t “WIAW.” While I love the idea of sharing delicious eats for meal inspo, compiling what one eats in a day infers that one thinks about and memorizes what they eat. I also know first hand how hindering this can be for eating disorder sufferers to read.
Less Thinking, More Doing. Before I decided to start a blog, I thought and thought about it, tried to plan it all out orderly, for some time. Ultimately, none of the planning I did prepared me; it has all been such a process. But, I would say,
Treat Your Blog Like a Job. It wasn’t until I got serious about posting regularly, keeping up with comments and emails, monitoring my stats, and linking up with other bloggers that I saw a spike in readership and received offers for advertising. 
Use Images. Frequent images and other media throughout your content is a major way to draw traffic and new readers.
Have Catchy and Consistent Titles. Readers like to know what to expect from you, and when. This is a sure way to grow fans and regular visitors.
Use Social Media! More than 70% of my clicks come from the bio on my Instagram page. Instagram and Facebook are excellent resources, as many people do not have WordPress accounts.
Go Premium. If you decide you’re serious about blogging, absolutely upgrade to a premium WordPress. It is an expense, but absolutely worth it to have your own domain and free reign of your customization. This makes your website YOURS, and also much more likely for your content to be viewed seriously and professionally.
Have Fun! If it’s not fun, or you encounter writer’s block, or you’re not motivated, it shows. Enjoy yourself and your topics, set aside the time and space that inspires you– and sometimes, just listen for inspiration. Asking the God of the universe His provision for your blog is the most important thing you can do. 

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