This summer had thus far been unreal. With Johnny back home, my life in my Father’s hands and a song of His praise on my heart, I am so excited about what He’s going to do ‘this summer for His glory. Here are ten plans in the making I’m looking forward to.
Cuba/Hawaii with the Fam. My parents are so gracious in planning family trips to new places each summer. This July they’re thinking we’re going to either Cuba or Hawaii!
Boston Calling. Johnny surprised me with tickets to Boston Calling, a concert event in Boston featuring Bon Iver, Chance the Rapper, Solange, Whitney, Francis and the Lights, and many more artists that he’s introduced me to that I love. I am SO EXCITED for the concert, and even more for my time with Johnny and exploring a new place with him.
Cottage. My grandparents’ cottage is forever my favourite place in the world. Built by my ancestors up north, secluded between bundles of beautiful trees right beside the prettiest lake on earth, the cottage is my second house. I love every ounce of cottage life, and can’t wait to visit this summer.
Wonderland. Usually, I am not big on amusements parks at all. But every since Johnny took me last year, I have been itching to go back and ride all the roller coasters again!
Grand Bend. My childhood dance team and I are planning a few days at a beach and cottage all together.
Reading. I am so excited to have time to read books outside of mandatory school material!! Ah, so very excited.
Working. Call me crazy, but I love both of my jobs very much, and feel called to them. Teaching dance is so challenging while rewarding, while at Starbucks I often find myself often praying into conversations and interactions.
Time with Friends. Some of my best friends I only see once a week during the semester; some have moved to different cities who I barely see at all! I am very excited for this time to invest in relationships.
Time in the Word. Nuf’ said. Time in the Word is the best, the only, place to be.
Stratford Plays. Today I went and caught up with two beautiful friends, Cassia and Sara, and we planned to go to a Shkespeare play in Stratford, right near where we live, every month of the summer.

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  1. You forgot, to spend time with your wonderful aunt! Lol
    Also, if I put two cents in, pass on Cuba, try Dominican or Mexico!! Much nicer!🙊🙊👍🏿

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