What a beautiful day.
*I just want to reiterate that this category is no longer about all of the foods I put on my body on a given day, but rather the way the Lord worked and was glorified in my days. This may involve mentions of food, but, as a child of God, I often snack, have drinks, etc. that I don’t remember nor are worth blogging about. 🙂

Let the redeemed of the LORD tell their story. PSALM 107:2

I have been redeemed by the Lord, and this reality is manifesting in new ways in my life for His glory each and every day. He is so faithful.
This morning I woke up and read some Psalms and praised and thanked my Father for a new day before getting out of bed or studying for my exam. I am grateful He put this on my heart immediately, as He set the pace for my day so lovingly. I greeted Maddie, made and ate a yummy, filling breakfast, and reviewed a few things for my final exam of second year uni. I organized my things and headed off to campus.

post year two!!!

I think the exam went really well! It was for poetry, and I actually feel like it’s the strongest exam I’ve written in university thus far. DONE and happy, and I headed to meet my sister for lunch at Thrive, a cafe she wanted to go to in uptown Waterloo. I asked her to pick a place to celebrate her birthday, as it was on February 27 and she had been in France, and I had a long overdue gift for her.
When a place has either ten dollar amazing smoothies and smoothie bowls and sweet things, or ten dollar savoury things, I want both, but pick one, and 9 times out of 10 my sweet tooth wins out. I stole a couple bites of Krystal’s pad Thai though 😉 this parfait had sooo much peanut butter as per my request.

Krystal and I had a meeting with the new program coordinator at the community centre we teach dance at, so we headed there next. “What a gift from God,” I said after our meeting. I’ve been praying for some time over the leadership and direction of this dance program, and this beautiful, caring woman helped us to get a legitimate plan and budget in the place for the regrowth of this studio. We currently have four young teachers, all in school, and very little budget for things like costumes and recitals. But we have goals and direction now, and I’m excited to put my time and energy into them this summer, and have a clear provision from the Lord in my position there for this time.
I was so excited for my plans all day with Beth, my beautiful friend who I get to live with next year. We both finished our plans earlier than expected, and decided to make dinner together. “I have tons of food to use up before the move,” Beth had told me, as she is moving into our place in less than two weeks, while I am moving back in with my parents for the summer. So we headed to her place, catching up on endless happenings and what God is doing in our lives while we cooked, deciding on fried rice bowls with scrambled egg and chicken and soy sauce and stir fried veggies. It was so yum and hit the spot while we chatted endlessly, somehow ending up talking about the mind-boggling reality of pregnancy and childbirth, among other things. I love love love this down-to-earth and Jesus-praising human. I endlessly gushed for and listened to Beth’s relationship with her fiancee, and told her about what the Spirit has been teaching me in this season with Johnny. I tried, but failed, to explain how excited I am to see him. There aren’t really words to explain it, or how much I love and care for him.
At home, I cleaned some, I read some, I drank some, I ate some, I prayed some, I Netflixed some. And now I’m writing some. And as I type, I pray that you, reader, are enlightened by and feel the warmth of your Father’s hug as the last thing before you close your eyes and sleep. The sovereignty of His provision, and the plans He is always under for His glory, and therefore your benefit.

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