Hello My Friends!
Today was so lovely. I feel so immeasurably blessed by the people in my life, and I got to spend today with many friends that I don’t often get to see!
I slept over at beautiful Bethany’s last night, and so we slept in, woke up, and headed straight for the Starbucks that she works at in Kitchener. I had the best oatmeal and most delicious blonde roast ever. Alongside coffee and studying and Bethany, what a lovely way to start the day!
I was meeting my friend Laura in the early afternoon, and Bethany ended up staying with us. We all studied together and chatted, laughing and catching up, and I relished how much I enjoyed their company, so present and just having fun. Praise the Lord! We went shopping, ate more food, and chatted about all sorts of things. And both of them commented on my energy, joy, and the difference in everything about my personality.
Jesus, this is You. This is all to Your glory.
We chatted about all sorts of things and ran errands together before it was time for me to meet Chelsea and Sammy for dinner to celebrate Chelsea’s birthday at one of my very favourite restaurants, State and Maine.

This bowl was twice the size of my head, and sooo delicious!

It was indescribably good to see these two girls. Two of the people I spent most of high school with, both of these girls are so full of joy, and have matured, grown, and been strengthened in so many ways over the years. We talked and caught up on our lives but, just like old times in the caf and at girls’ nights in high school, spent most of dinner laughing our heads off. And, I knew both of them could tell how real my laughs were again. It was special in a way I can’t put words to.
And to top it all off, I got to come home for tea, more homework, and endlessly amazing chats and laughs with my best friend and family member, Maddie. We’re about to settle in to some Netflix, and call it a night. Tomorrow I head to Owen Sound with Johnny’s brother and his fiancee where Johnny’s parents are having us for Easter weekend, which I am so blessed by, excited about, and praying into.
Have a blessed and restful evening, striving in the Lord Jesus as He prompts. I pray for your sensitivity to His Spirit, you the reader– Lord, that you might soften hearts and call Your children’s names in fresh ways.

I saw that there is nothing better for a person than to enjoy their work, because that is their lot. ECCLESIASTES 3:22


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