In what is ordinary to the world and extraordinary to the world, God is always extraordinary. and whatever “the world” looks like now, it first looks like Him, and is full of Him.
Today I woke, contentedly and gratefully rested, at 9:30ish, excited to begin my day, but first excited to spend time in the Word. I found myself in Isaiah Chapter 30, which is rich in its warnings against idolatry, or false peace promised in anything but God, where, even despite sinful nature,

The Lord longs to be gracious to you;
    therefore he will rise up to show you compassion.
For the Lord is a God of justice.
    Blessed are all who wait for him! ISAIAH 30:18

Jesus, how blessed I am to serve You who indeed LONGS to be gracious to me! How overwhelming! Lord, may I “wait for you” in all that I do. 
Knowing I had some extra time this morning, I worshipped while taking time to make a fancier breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes with loads of peanut butter and everything other sweet fixin’ I had on hand! ;P What a blessing to sit down with it and more prayer, poetry studying, and a bit of Netflix… I’m currently watching 13 Reasons Why, a hard-hitting and well-acted one-season show based on a book I read years ago. I have only starting “Netflixing” this past week, and I must say, it has been a nice breather.
After some laundry, cleaning, singing– all those things that can easily be mundane, but aren’t with Jesus– I spent some time on lesson plans for my dance classes, amidst more studying, lunch, and reading. Oh yes, lunch! Today I made these, like, sweet potato toasts things that I was inspired by Pinterest to make. I love sweet potato, and it tastes amazing sweet or savoury, so I tried five flavour combos, naturally ;). I will never stop praising Jesus all my days for the utter freedom, joy, and complete lack of anxiety that went into all aspects of this food. In every way– the receiving of any food, preparing it, tasting it– He has revealed to me the blindfold that was over my eyes in that it is a minute part of life; a simple necessity; a pleasurable blessing. 
Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 11.55.08 PM
And praying. Lifting up Josee, who I was blessedly able to see yesterday in Toronto. Johnny, who is always in my spirit. His aunt Marilyn and uncle James, who I would have the blessing of speaking to on the phone later in the evening.
Soon, I was off to Starbucks with Jacqueline, dear Jacqueline, who I caught up and studied with. My dear friend who has such a refreshing soul and heart for Jesus! We studied and “tea”ed and also ran into our mutual, beautiful friend Cassie, who brought such joy and laughter to our time, too.
By the time I was home, and after dinner, I was able to talk to Johnny’s aunt and uncle on the phone, two souls who are such precious blessings in my life. Their selflessness is Christ; their joy is Christ; their hard work is Christ. Our conversation was convicting, refreshing, and enlivening, and LORD, I pray that in all of us, anyone reading these words and those in their hearts, dear Lord, that we would lift to You now our will to align our hearts and minds with You, the “plans you have laid out beforehand” (Ephesians 2:10) for us, and make us aware of any deception in our midst. Jesus, You are so faithful. You ARE that which all faith is to be had in. There is such power in just the utterance and holiness of Your name, and the image of Your face. 

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