You are a warrior. Jesus Christ is a warrior. 
What I eat matters. It doesn’t. “Matter.” My body is a temple of the Holy Spirit and so it needs to be nourished and He has a designed manner of doing so, but in the scheme of His Kingdom, which is LIFE, “we rely on His Word alone.” And under eating is a manifestation of something other than His Word.
I haven’t “worked hard enough” to call myself a “dancer.” My identity is not “dancer” or otherwise. I dance for Him, through Him, and because of Him. 

It is better to be instantly gratified. No. It is always better to make the decision, through the Holy Spirit, that reaps the greater reward for His Kingdom. 
“I can’t do it.” Christ in you can, and WILL if it’s worth doing. The devil likes to plant lies: “I can’t ride a roller coaster.” By Jesus’ soveirgnty I did. “I can’t live without disordered food thoughts.” By living in Jesus’ Truth I am. “I can’t dance without thinking about how many calories I’m burning.” By Jesus’ joy I do. “I can’t go this many months without seeing Johnny.” Through prayer and Him being my first love, I absolutely did. HIM IN ME.
Not knowing exactly what “career” I’m called to is not ok. No, this is ok. Jesus has walked through our lives, and when I abide Him I have peace in that I will receive what He needs of me in a “career” area in His perfect timing. 
I wasted time in an illness. “His strength is made perfect in my weakness.” My life cause, the song on my heart and the story of my life is Jesus Christ. All that matters is that He uses it.
If I don’t “get things done” I am useless. What a lie! He has an agenda, though I’m sure that is not the right word to ascribe Jesus’ BEING, that is different from lists or plans my flesh may try to make up. 
Travelling is too scary. Wow. Nope. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. This whole earth is my Father’s.
If I don’t keep up a 10 GPA, I’m a failure. My grades in school do not define my life; only Jesus does. And He is always the ultimate teacher. 

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