Mitchell the Hip Hop Dancer. Being a dance teacher can be extremely rewarding, but also exhausting. I often leave thinking about my students, lately moreso praying for them, and class today marked a breakthrough in his dance career. Mitchell came to my class as an incredibly gifted and passionate dancer. I have told his mom multiple times that he should look into a studio. But he struggles with choreo and memorizing; his body just wants to do it. I like to leave room for creativity and free movement, but choreography is a large part of classes. Dance should never be “rule-based” though, but I have watched his incredible free movement transfer to hiscfeeling the beat and understanding choreo. So cool!

Wednesday Dinners with Cass. Who knows if it’ll happen every Wednesday, but that is our mutual free slot of the week, and I love having my lovely new friend Cass for a meal. I don’t know what I’ll make until I get into the kitchen, and man has been cooking been yummier lately.
Courage in Lent with Jo. This morning I was reading a chapter of the book I’m finishing up, Guarded by Christ, which was given to me by my unexplainably dear friend Josee. MORE convicted than ever in a facet of life that I’ve had room to hear conviction on since stepping into freedom in Christ from a massive area of sin and disorder, I was praying when Josee herself called me, and reminded me of this Lenten season and shared with me what she was convicted to give up; wondered if there was anything in me. And I have it. This month, routine and schedules and planning is out the window. A “safety net” that can be good in Jesus, organization fruitful certainly, but not when they prevent His rhythm and make me fearful of His timing. 
Jesus, I’m excited! I submit my will to the will of my Father.
Prayers for Others. I realized that for a long time my prayers consisted more of that for myself, for my own drawing closer to Jesus, than for others. My intent in these prayers was indeed that HE be exalted and more relevant in me, that HIS purposes be accomplished– but if this is fully the case, if Christ is the one working on our behalf, prayers are going to be aaalll about the Kingdom– which is a lot bigger and more vast than just His fortress within me.
Appreciating Social Media and Texting. While in many ways I have conviction in my social media use, I have been watching in awe as Jesus uses it. My dear roommate Mary and I have been talking lots lately about the magnificence of how God uses earthly things for His purposes– while not to ignore the fact that the devil does, too. Mary is so submitted to His Spirit in her postings on Instagram, and He used that– a stranger from Laurier reached out to her, told her she’d found her account and had felt such a stirring to know JESUS and to learn how to come into relationship with Him! PRAISE YOU JESUS for your vibrancy through social media in Mary!! And while I also hate texting and suck at getting back at people, I recognize this as a blessed mode of communication, also for His purposes.

Reading and Movies. Two things I love… little and major blessings… I forgot what it was like to read a chapter of a book with complete mental and spiritual energy. And to watch a movie actually able to focus on it, and laugh, and enjoy myself. Ah praise You Jesus… that while You are outside of time it has been a month of this newly YOU-exalted life and you’ve already done so much through me.
Dinners at Home. Are so lovely. Like old old times. Last weekend my momma made chilli and toast (she’s makin all my childhood favourite meals, no surprise) and I got to have real time with the whole fam. 
Johnny. I have endless love for my man. As I pray for him and hear about his walk at Providence, I feel nothing but pride in all the trials and triumphs Jesus is beside and in him through. Johnny, I love you more than words can ever say.

Birthdays. This past week brought my lovely friends Haylie’s, Jake’s, and travelling sister Krystal’s birthdays, and each was so special. While I didn’t see Krystal, hearing about her travels was unreal. Jake’s party brought tons of high school friends together, and Haylie’s birthday was a nice dinner celebrating this beautiful woman with just a few close friends. 

Hair. Totally unimportant, but I’ve had a hair appointment scheduled for a while with the plan to go blonder. However, when the appointment came I thought about Jesus’ revealing to me my only true self in HIM, and while I know externalness doesn’t matter to Him and He doesn’t judge it, I felt it a respect and honour and symbol to go back a bit to the way He created my hair. His plans are far better than mine, anyway.

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