Bacon and Eggs. I’ve been eatin’ and enjoying this breakfast recently as I had a craving for back bacon, yuuummm. 

SBux. Work is a place I am continually so grateful for and happy to be in. The regular customers are so Day-brightening and my co-workers are so much fun. There’s a philosophical guy who asks us all deep questions throughout our shift; a regular who orders a soy custom chai tea latte and peanut butter cups every day named Julian who ALWAYS has a smile; a woman named Nafeeza who gets a whole milk no foam green tea latte every night after her Zehrs shift who has such a gentle heart. It is a coffeehouse culture that I’m so passionate about and that welcomes the Holy Spirit in the midst of the dangerous parts of “go-go-go” culture. 

One Word. A single word of Scripture holds so much weight. I am reading a wonderful book that I would recommend to anyone called Guarded by Christ, and the author vulnerably talks about a moment in the Word in which she recognized her spiritual being “seated” with Christ in the heavenlies and how the Spirit gave her that image and uses it in her everyday life. That intimacy with Jesus is overwhelmingly glorious. 

Pause. I have been receptive, finally, to the Lord pushing me into a season of pause and rest and that has involved surrendering some of my busyness. I am learning about the growth that comes with a time of rest to hear. 

The Gang. Saturday night I got to hang out with my wonderful friends from high school altogether: Daniella, Jake, Josh, Michael, and Ryan. They are such great people and we always have such a good time together. 

Music. I haven’t had a chance to listen to this, but Johnny has recommended some music to me. He’s pretty spot on with what I’ll like/dislike usually… unless he’s messing with me. I’m excited for new music today. 

Mom in Hip Hop. My mom is taking my Adult Hip Hop class on Thursday, which has been such a blessing so far! I have such compassionate parents and I am so grateful to be spending more time with them. 

Autumn. This lovely girl is living with Mary, Maddie and I next year. She has been in some of Christian Studies classes and I am so excited to continue to get to know her! 

Psalm 118. It is better to take refuge in the LORD than to trust in humans. It is better to take refuge in the LORD than to trust in princes. 

Pineapple and Coconut. I have always been intrigued by these flavours together, and created a recipe that utilizes both that I’ll be sharing soon! 


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Welcome! Ever since I was a little girl I have wanted to own a blog, and I created this one to inspire others and help myself. I am a passionate twenty something-year old woman with a love of cooking, tap dancing, and meeting new people-- and of course, primarily an intention to die to my human self and seek God with my whole being. I will eat anything with peanut butter and love spontaneity. I aim to live life in submission to what Christ has for me. I'm currently studying Christian Theology and English at Wilfrid Laurier University in Ontario, Canada.

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