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Children’s Lit. This is by a landslide, so far, at least, my favourite of my courses this semester. I adore the lectures, readings, and essay topics… and already feel myself more than ever attentive to English lit and the Spirit through texts of both the past and present; either in lost souls yearning for Him, or in souls that know Him magnifying His grace in literature. I was amazed a month or two ago, sitting down with my opa, who I very much respect, and hearing him say to me, “I always expected you to go into English lit, from a young age.” I know his spirit, and I see it as if he has been prayerfully sitting back, entrusting my soul with the Lord and allowing His timing without unnaturally impressing thoughts of his own upon me. Shout out to you, Ops!
Music. Whether in specific moments of worship or walking to class or studying, I am loving the worship music by Crowder.
My January Coffee Tumblr. There is a Starbucks product that allows one to purchase free teas and brewed coffees all day long.
Yes I am a barista employed at Starbucks.
Yes I purchased this tumbler (ah, but I also got one as a gift for my mom)! More than the wonderful coffee-and-tea pick-me-ups right on my way to my university campus every day, there are multiple employees at this Starbucks that I have gotten to know. What a blessing!
Dance Dance Dance. This week begins my new session as a dance teacher, and my first time as a tap student in three years! I am SO excited at the prospect of tapping again. My skill and genuine passion for the style is something I’ve always been proud of and known as GOOD, and I can’t wait to grow.
Season of Healing. For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven. ECCLESIASTES 3:1. My beautiful roommate Mary is a wonderful sister of accountability, and continuously reminds me that God calls us to seasons for His glory. There are times of utmost joy and times of healing that “little by little,” in the presence of Christ, contribute to our race (1 Timothy 4:7), His glory all in all. However sometimes emotional and scary, I am prayerful that He continues to work like never before on my spirit in this obvious time of healing.
Recipe of the Week. I have been working on and tweaking a dairy-free– but easy to tweak to dairy-full— German pancake recipe that I’m excited to share Thursday (and eat more of 😉 ).

German pancakes are made in the oven rather than stovetop like these^. They are puffier and have a more “crackly” texture. 

Good Friends. I’m just now getting over a pretty bad cold, and this past Friday night, two of my favourite humans, Sammy and Chelsea, came over to the maison and completely cheered me up. They are humans that I laugh for three hours with, and that is what we did. If you want a good laugh, check out one of the YouTube videos we watched.
Teaching Sunday School. This past Sunday’s lesson was on Creation, and I was so encouraged and in awe of the Lord in the children in my class, who knew Creation well and were amazed by God (He’s bigger than the SUN! He is always with me! Did you know God lives inside each of us? And I get to feel him.) Wow.
Learning… Every part of me that tries to hold on to this world or any part of it is not what that part of me actually yearns for. Jesus, I pray for a double portion of your Spirit. 
Books. My book list for the summer is already growing! Once I have a good amount of reads, I will share them and ask for advice and reviews, and will start reviewing them once I’m able to crack one open that isn’t a schoolbook!
pssst…. happy anniversary my love.

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