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WHAT I ATE WEDNESDAY: God, Grace, and Toronto

WHAT I ATE WEDNESDAY: God, Grace, and Toronto

Good evening friends!
What a blessed day of the Lord.
I woke this morning in such a peace and freedom, so aware of Jesus’ presence and I stretched out on my bed and just spent time worshipping. I soaked in some of the Word, prayed, and thanked my Lord for this day, that also happens to be Kathryn’s birthday!
After some time checking my grades and praying about feeling kind of down about them (not the end of the world; my schooling is the Lord’s and I will just keep striving for what He has in it for His purposes), writing, and watching YouTube videos, I made breakfast. A big bowl of oats with cinnamon peanut butter, mixed berries, and banana, alongside a cup of apple cider tea. I also snacked on a ton of fresh celery that just looked too good.

After breakfast, I met Kathryn at a downtown cafe called Cafe Pyrus that I love. I had an almond milk cappuccino. Which had a quad shot of espresso. Whoop! My only dose of the day of course😉.
My beautiful Kathryn! I am so grateful for her and Christ’s ever growing pursuit of her heart. Know the victory is already won precious girl!

Right from our too-quick coffee, I headed to the bus station to catch my greyhound to Toronto. I love transit of any sort. The enemy has certainly used it to taunt me and make me nervous about the amount of sitting I have to do. But recently I have been so in awe of what the LORD does with that time where I have no choice but to sit, but certainly the choice to listen to Him, pray, and grow in Him.
So that is how I spent my ride there! Wrecked by Jesus, praying, worshipping, listening to great music.
And why Toronto?
I was going to meet some of my dearest friends and sisters; one I’ve met only one other time, but who is one of the most important people in my life, Josee; Jacqueline, also one of my dearest friends; and their friend Grace, who I just got to meet today. Jacq and Grace were meeting me at a food place and we were then going to head over to Jo’s apartment.
This proved to be a struggle 😜
My bus was about 20 minutes late, which was fine because Jacqueline and Grace had some stops to make anyway. But I accidentally led them to the wrong food place, my phone died, and we had over an hour of just bad traffic and miscommunication.
Lord, please provide! Keep the girls safe and close! Bring us together Lord and unite us in You.
I grew very hungry, and I knew Josee wanted to just eat at home, and had food for the girls too, but I knew I needed to eat the food I had bought, as I hadn’t eaten since very early morning and it was now 3:45!! I had a bowl of lentil soup and a chocolate chia pudding from IQ Foods for lunch. It was all really good and decently priced; I would recommend! Also super new foods and just what I wanted.
Finally, the girls and I united and found each other! So grateful, and yet we had all been so peaceable, while active, in the process. It was great to meet Grace and get to talk to her in the car, and see Jacqueline. We got to Josee’s pretty quickly and embraced her right away, all so happy to see her!

I am in awe of Jesus in Josee.
We made tea and the girls ate lunch and I marvelled at Josee’s adorable, very “Josee” apartment. On the 12th floor, Josee has a view of the CN Tower and the rest of the city. At first, we felt kind of rushed and off schedule, tempted to figure out times needed to get home and get to the bus station again, but Josee, in her calm way, encouraged us to be present with each other and the Spirit, and we welcomed Him.
Our conversations were amazing and so Spirit-led. In talking, I say a lot on Grace’s heart and she asked many questions, which we got to all talk and then pray about to do with a valiant life in the Spirit.
What does that look like?
Well, it’s for Him. And He leads ya there. In front of Him.

“The counterfeit to righteousness is a “work harder, obey more” kind of mentality, and the counterfeit to peace is any kind of activity that promises well-being apart from Jesus.”

So we prayed, and we laid ourselves before Him, and we asked for discernment. What a blessed little night in a big big world that God GUARDS ENTIRELY us girls had.
Before I left, Josee gave me a package wrapped in newspaper with “CASSIE” painted on it. What a gem my girl is. Inside was a book called “Guarded by Christ” which I read lots of on my way home, and a beautiful handwritten card, with tons of prophetic Bible verses. Josee is such a selfless soul, so full of the Spirit.
Jacqueline and Grace drove me back to the bus stop so graciously. It took us quite a while to figure out where I should be going– multiple trips to different bus stations until I found a trip that wasn’t sold out– but finally I did, after prayer, more time with the girls, and help from a wonderful ticket man. I hopped on a Go bus and couldn’t stop smiling all the way home as I soaked in Jesus’ awe-striking presence.

Lord, bring me to my knees.

My way home held so much insight and clarity. I was messaging Johnny, which was of course a highlight, and also spent a lot of time with my phone off and away, just with the Spirit. Where He humbled me that Wow, He had provided. As usual. All day. He does in every single life bring us to Him and draw us in in the most magnificent ways that cause us to shout His praises. OH WHAT A SAVIOUR!
Listening to music and worshipping, I felt so much on my heart about Josee and spent a lot of time in prayer for her. Lord, release chains Josee doesn’t even know she has. Lift veils so she may experience a double portion of your freedom. Equip her even. More to serve you. 
I feel I will be talking to Josee every day if I can. She is such a light. 
A wonderful 3 hour journey later, and I was aware of hungry I was! I knew I needed a proper meal, too, even though it was after midnight. Dinner had not been had. My lunch was ten hours prior and it was small.
I heard the voice of the devil (that’s right( I know who this is, by the grace of God): no one eats at midnight! Just go to bed. It’s easier.
No. I need to fuel my body for the sake of the Lord. 
And so for dinner, I made chicken and a poached egg with cinnamon raisin barley toast, cucumber and mushrooms with peanut butter. Yum! I ATE and read some more before sneaking into bed, ever thanking God and smiling over this day that has left me changed in His name.

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