I thought I’d share with you some of the blessings of souls I get to do life with, because they inspire me.
Cassia. Yesterday I finished up (almost) my Christmas shopping with Cassia, which was so much fun. Cass is one of my favourite people to be around. She is so full of life and love. 
Johnny. Johnny’s birthday is Thursday, and I can’t explain the amazing peace I’ve had thinking about our challenges and triumphs and every moment together over the past year, striving in the Lord and praying that He is seen and glorified in and through us. I have seen him grow in ways I don’t think he even recognizes since he’s been in Winnipeg, and glory to God! I am so excited to be with him. My heart flutters like crazy just thinking about it. 

Laura. Laura has a few times been sitting in the little Kitchener Starbucks that I work at when I’m on my way in for a shift, studying. Her smile and warmth and care for how I’ve been always instantly brightens me. She is beautiful. 
Roommates. Maddie, Mary, and I have become closer than ever, and I feel so insanely blessed and am in awe of how Jesus has knit this house as we’ve prayed over it and in it and for each other and many situations. TUESDAY morning we had “Christmas morning” with all the housemates, and we exchanged our secret santa gifts and blasted Michael Buble and ate breakfast together. Maddie and I have continued to have just incredible conversations every single day. She is probably one of the most selfless and thoughtful women alive. And Mary, bless her soul, is so driven, joyful, and beautiful, always seeking the Lord’s praises and loving so Him-like. Tonight she and I had a big cleaning night and just played music and talked and it was so needed. 
Mack. My beautiful Mackenzie is the most lively, “kindred spirit” heart, and Christ is moving in her in phenomenal and evident ways. I praise Him for that, Mack, and continue in prayer that He fills you with the righteous courage to continue striving in His name. 
Jacquelyn and Lauren. Oh man, these two! Both of these girls are a part of my life because of Johnny, and I am so grateful for my friendships with both of them. We spent Sunday together, from studying to a small group within a church, and laughed most of the time. They are such lights of the Lord and I am so grateful to know them!
Daniella. Oh, this girl. My bestest friend of more than seven years, someone who has loved me relentlessly and selflessly and brought nothing but happiness, joy, life, laughs, and amazing conversations into my life. Daniella loves with so much real ness and caring and I am inspired by her every single day. We had a perfect study date this week and went to relax and get pedicures yesterday. I dont want to know a life without her and never could!
Mariah. Another human whose beauty I can’t put into words. The Lord has captured this girl’s heart and uses her so evidently and prophetically and consistently in such love but also conviction. I have met her exactly twice, at Bible studies at our home, but she is like a sister. 
Kenya. Kenya, my Starbucks “big sister,” my beautiful friend, whose selflessness and caring heart have inspired me since the moment I met her. When we work together, we joke to and about each other all the time, and outside of work have such awesome conversations and plan adventures and really look out for each other. 
Sammy. So this beautiful girl– I can’t explain the way she loves. I can’t explain how unfair some of her circumstances have been, but her perseverance is so relentlessly inspiring, it’s unreal. Our time together yesterday was just SO GOOD, everything about it. 
Family. I have such a beautiful family who all love and care about me so much, and of course the same back. My sister’s are two of my best friends in the world and my parents are two of the most genuinely compassionate humans I’ll ever know.
I know this was a super random post, but these people and tons more have been on my heart in prayer and thanksgiving and their inspiring spirits in my life needed to be echoed in writing. 

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  1. Awww sweet girl. Happy birthday to Johnny first off. Also, thank you for your sweet, kind, and gentle words <3 You know I feel the same about you!!! So thankful for you. Also so thankful that you have this amazing community surrounding you too. They all sound like such incredible, lovely people. <3

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