MOTIVATION MONDAY: Moments of Intimacy

Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you. JAMES 4:8

Today has been so busy in a wonderful way.

Today I got to visit my unofficial goddaughter and her family.

This is my best friend’s sister’s daughter, Natiya.

Whose family is the most beautiful, loving, genuine family unit I have ever known.

Sammy’s mom loves every single human with a sense of forgiveness, grace, and love that is so genuine and beautiful. She is the most selfless person I have ever known.

It doesn’t matter who you are; when you enter Sammy’s home, you feel like you belong there. 

And Sammy today, despite doing everything for everyone but herself, gave me her old laptop, spent time looking for a quality winter coat and boots with me, drove me to Waterloo and invested such love in me. She has been a constant in my life for years and will be a part of it forever.

Relationships, friendships, and people are so important.

There is no greater command: “love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, and soul, and your neighbour as yourself.” MATTHEW 22:39-40

Tonight I have a ton of homework and studying to do. I will likely be up very late. 

But this is okay. I have the strength and spirit to do this. 

Investing in relationships– intimate moments with Jesus first, people second, is so valuable.
There were moments throughout today in which I thought about my plans for the day and thought, oh no I won’t have time for all this I need to get such and such done and this and that and the next thing and oh how wasteful such worry! My LORD knew how beautiful, de-stressing, and glorifying my time with Sammy and her fam would be. He knew I’d come home to Mary and her boyfriend Aaron and a prayer session. He knew all of this. And my life, the sum of these few things means nothing in terms of my headspace/life if it is not for the glory of God. And oh, what a glorious God we serve.

I get to hang with my best friend again in 4 sleeps. What. What. What.

It is amazing how often we can be decieved into thinking our own course of action is better or more efficient than God’s. We can plan all we want, but the Lord intercedes. Nothing and no one can shake His plan. We need only pray to feel closer to those plans, to understanding His will through His active Holy Spirit, to the peace and joy that is simply in and of His beautiful nature. 

The intimate moments we sometimes skip because we “don’t think we have time.” Eternity is a long time for a reason. A very good one. Quite simply, intimate moments with Jesus are all we have time for.

Which is why I’m gonna go eat without thinking about it. Because the more I pray, the more that’s what I feel called to do.


me when a voice says eating a granola bar at work this morning has been some horrible thing (actually it was kingdomly because it defied a voice that is the DEVIL)

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Welcome! Ever since I was a little girl I have wanted to own a blog, and I created this one to inspire others and help myself. I am a passionate twenty something-year old woman with a love of cooking, tap dancing, and meeting new people-- and of course, primarily an intention to die to my human self and seek God with my whole being. I will eat anything with peanut butter and love spontaneity. I aim to live life in submission to what Christ has for me. I'm currently studying Christian Theology and English at Wilfrid Laurier University in Ontario, Canada.

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